June 25, 2009

Harajuku och Bodyline

Because we had an all-night with karaoke we went to bed in the morning!
So we woke up about 1:00 pm.
I had to contact Bodyline about the modeling because the photagrapher wanted to meet me as soon as I got to Japan.
It was crazy, he wanted to meet me today! So I made my best to look as good as I could and wore lolita.
He wanted me to meet him at the Bodyline Harajuku store so I went there.
I was so nervous, but this time I didn't really accept anything. Mr. Yan is shorter than I imagined. He wanted to sit on a café and talk. So we did that and he asked me when I was free. Then finally he said he wanted to make a photoshoot with me! Yay!


Cute Angelic Pretty commercial in Harajuku.

Anpan I bought at the conbini. It's a bread fillied with redbean paste. It's really good!
I couldn't resist this magazine! There are lots of make-up and hair tutorials!I forgot that I could show you my cellphone pics too, here are they. Some for the day we traveled and some recent photos:

In the bathroom at the airport in Stockholm.

Lovely shinjuku the other day.
Yesterday in Harajuku.
Yesterday in the bathroom of McDonald's in Takeshitadoori (Harajuku) in the middle of the night. XD

For today. Taking sneeky shots at the haircolors. So shiny! *___*
Happy Bath Day! XD For those who use Poupée.
I also found Prisila wigs at the same stor in Harajuku! Yay!
Malin predending she's Japanese: Standing in the train using her japanese cellphone!
Everyone here does it!

Okay, nighty! I have to go to bed now! We're going to meet our friends Michiyo and Misako tomorrow! I'm so happy!


  1. Grattis, gud vad roligt! Jag ser fram emot att se bilderna!


    There's still 2 weeks until I go to Tokyo. Now I feel like crying. Your pictures make me miss it all even more..

  3. grattis på hela bodyline saken <333
    ser fram emot att se bilderna sen ^^

    och anpan är looove!

  4. Ja, ser du, det gick bra.Du oroade dig så mycket om photoshoot. Du har inget att vara orolig för. Jag var 100% säcker att det ska bli bra. Kramisar vännen.

  5. how did you get to become a model?


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