June 23, 2009

Tadaima, Tokyo!

I decided that I'd switch over to English again so that friends from other countries would understand. I just have to warn you all, my English is definitly not the best!
So, I'm in Tokyo now, it's late and I've spend my first day here.
For those who didn't know I was in Tokyo last summer. This time I really feel like I'm home again.
I have a lot to tell, but I will try to make it briefly.

On Monday me and my boyfriend traveled by airplane from Stockholm made a connection in Heathrow and then got on the 11hours airplane to Narita.

Me at Heathrow:

Me and Hyo at the airplane:

The travel was very long and we were sooo nervous that something might go wrong so that we wouldn't be able to travel. But it went without any problems.

When we arrived at Narita airport we were tired, but very happy. We arrived the next day (tuesday) because we had to travel forward in time.
After a pretty long travel by different kind of trains we arrived at our guesthouse.
I was hungry so I decided to go to the local convenient store (also called "conbini" in Japanese). I bought two tuna-majonais onigiri, Pretz and my favorite: green tea ice cream!<3

Later on, Malin arrived! I was so happy that she made it without any problems too! She came with another flight. We all made our hair and make-up and decided to go to Shinjuku.
I just love Shinjuku! It's so colorful, bright, variation of different people. I just love it!
I didn't take any pictures of Shinjuku, but my boyfriend did and he's uploading more photos and movie clips than me at his blog: http://kankokujin.blogspot.com/
I just don't feel like I have the time to sit here infront of the computer.
But I will try to update as much as I can.
We were all three very hungry so we searched for a decent restaurant to eat at.
Finally we ended up at a semi-gemanish semi-japanese restaurant. The food was great!

We walking at the streets of Shunjuku you meet a lot of people that tries to make you go in to they're restaurants, clubs, karaoke and so one. But there's also people who want you to go to Host or hostess clubs.
I got a free fan with a hostess club commercial on it! XD I just had to keep it!

Later on we went for a drink or two at my and Malin's favorite eating/drinking place Wara Wara. It's sooo cheap and tasty! it's only a few steps away from our guesthouse. It's perfect!
I had to of course drink umeshu, it's my favorite drink in Japan so far:
I should go to bed now! Tomorrow we're going to Harajuku!<3


  1. O, I know how hungry you can get when you are on a long trip. And when you get to your destination you just get so happy that you do not really know anymore are you that tired because you are hungry or is it the other way around. And traveling forward in time ads to your confusion. Oh, I can not imagine how tired you and Hyo must have been. Oh well, after a good rest all would be back on it's place. Food looks very good. Mmmm. Looks Jammi =). Cool that you are there with your friend. The company of three is the perfect company. =) Anyhow, keep in touch. So cool to hear from you that you all made it there alright. Have a happy day and a great time. Cheers =)

  2. Ohh I'm so happy you got there in one piece :D And that fan is so cute XD looks like ageha

  3. I CAN'T WAIT TO GO! ;_; Come soon, vacation!
    Looks like you're already having the best time ever!

  4. Vad roligt att du kommit fram :D Jag längtar som tusan nu.
    Förstår att du kanske inte har tid att svara på kommentarer nu, men jag frågar iaf ^_^
    Har du några tips på hur man kan hålla sminket fräsht under den fuktiga sommartiden i Tokyo? Kan tänka mig att foundationen har en tendens att rinna ^^
    Har japanerna några hemliga tricks?
    Du har ju god tid på dig att svara eftersom jag inte åker förrän om 1 månad :)
    Ha en fortsatt bra tid i Tokyo!


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