July 21, 2009

The day before going...

Today me and Hyo went for some shopping. I needed to buy gifts to some friends and family. Later on we met our korean friend Cecilia for the last time. She's sooo sweet! She gave us presents! Now I feel even worse, because she's been helping us so much and showing us around.
We were just looking around, went to a cafe to talk and hang out. Then we went to Daiso and I bought A LOT of false lashes! So cheap here so I thought I might buy it when I'm here.

False lashes and nailpolish I bought. Addicted? XD

Hyo bought this lovely powder for me! *__* I love that korean Make up store! The store is sooo cute and the make up boxes are adorable!

What I ate at the café. Macarone(?), some cheesecake bun and green tea latte (of course XD).

Tomorrow we're going back to Tokyo again!<3 br="">I only have 8 days left before I'll head back to boring Sweden again.


  1. Hej Rebecca. Det är så roligt att läsa din blog. Det är så kul att du har så underbara dagar under din resa. Du FÅR GÅ IN PÅ STUDERA. NU och tacka ja till kursen, tänkte säga dett så du inte missar den.Kram

  2. Happy Birthday Dear Rebecca, sorry that I am congratulating you a little late. I didn't know that just had your birthday. I am sure you had a wonderful time that day. Wish you luck in everything you do. I hold my fingers crossed that all your dreams you dream of for your nearest future in your life would soon come true. Do not loose your cool smile and think optimistic. It is important to approach all your problems with a little bit of humor. Humor helps to overcome all the obstacles that you come across while walking your path. If I would've been there, I'd get Party whistles for everyone, a bunch of balloons and a gigantic lollipop for you. Then I would go screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY REBECCA and then get taken by their police for being too noisy. =P Just joking about being too noisy. =)
    Hugs, Lina


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