July 20, 2009

Photo-Bomb of Doom!

Long time no seen!
I'm sorry! I think I'm having too much fun here so I don't really feel like blogging.
Hahah, but I thought I'd at least try making a photo-bomb again and then link to my boyfriend's blog.

Right now me and Hyo are in Seoul (Soth Korea). We're having a good time here. We eat nice tasty korean food, go shopping, meeting korean friends and so on. We are going back on wednesday to Tokyo. The only thing I don't like is that I can't speak any Korean. I wish I could speak at least some. It's really hard to communicate, but some young Koreans actually speak English pretty good. At least better than Japanese people.

I haven't been to another photoshoot with Bodyline and I don't think I will. It's better if I try to enjoy the last days I have here in Asian and forget about Bodyline because I'm going back to work when I get home.

Because we were getting poor we had to cancell the Osaka trip and instead spend those days in Tokyo.
I feel like I haven't been shopping much, but maybe I have, but I'm soo poor right now. I might have to borrow some money from Hyo.
Maybe It was stupid of me, but I really wanted it... I bought a dress from Angelic Pretty and matching socks a few days ago. I was the last one that they had and they only had it because someone had cancelled the reservation. I fell in love at the moment I saw it.

On to the photos:

We went to Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul today (20/7) :

Technika, some new music game we tried at a game center in seoul. You have to touch the screen when the line goes on an arrow in order to play the right music. It was really fun! So high-tech!

Wierd but it taste good. Noodles in ice. XD

Dongdaemun. Shopping area in Seoul:

Our cute korean friends!<3 br="">

Korean barbecue is sooo delicious!

The day we had to say goodbye to our guesthouse before going to live in Machida with Amanda and Kentaro.

A regular sunday in Tokyo, doing an all-nighter drinking and singing karaoke! :D

Because Malin is sooo cute in har new outfit!

The Angelic Pretty dress I bought. I love it so much!

The lovely print! *____* (btw, my nails are matching! 8D)

At the Izakaya with Malin, Hyo, Amanda and Ken. I got a free Soju because my birthday's the same month! Epic win!

We found the Princess themed café/restaurant in Ginza:

Lovely cocktail I bought!

My nails at matsuri (Tanabata):

At Tanabata we went to Daimon to wish at the temple and we also to Tokyo tower. Amazing view!

Everyone (not Malin she's taking the pic): Misako, Michiyo, Hyo, Me.

Our Tanabata wishes we hung on a tree.

Anotherday at ice cream city in Ikebukuro. I found sooo many wierd ice cream. Like Jellyfish ice cream:

Me in Yukata, Michiyo and Misako bought them for us. Sooooo nice!

Lovely Puricura with Tsuyoshi and Hide. I love Hide's pose and the money! XD

Me and Malin in Yukata:

One of the many outfits of the days. I especially like this one!

I tried eyelashes on both upper and lower eyelid.

Cute pinky ring I bought:

Obsessed? Naaaah! XD

My awesome fake glasses!

Yodobashi store in Akihabara, the biggest electronic store in Japan.

Malin is famous!!!! X33 She's on the cover to Aquatimez- Velonica!

And that was it for now! More will come... I hope!
Or else, check my boyfriends blog:



  1. DOM DÄR NUDLARNA !!!!!!!!! SÅ GODA!!!!!

    och kom tillbaka already ;_; saknaaaaar <3

  2. im so jelous! your angelic pretty dress is awesome! along with everything else you got! *im obsessed with lashes too*
    i just found your blog and love it! check mine out sometime if you want! <3


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