August 16, 2009

Body Line Video

Do you remember me writing about a second photoshoot with Body Line?
The second time I modelled for Body Line I got to make a movie.
I was very nervous that day. They told me exactly what I should say and do. They even told me to speak light and cute. So embarassing! XD
I sound sooooo fake! But, hey, I'm not an actor! :P

So, here's the video.
The result.

.... please don't bully me too much after this! T__T

Bodyline's real like is here.


  1. Ahahaha åååh stackars dig! XDDD

  2. LOL stackare haha men du gjorde endå bra ifrån dig ^^

  3. Jag hoppas du fick bra betalt för det där, gumman. ;)

  4. Hello.your blog is very interesting^^
    Can I sometimes drop by your blog?

  5. Sanaz: Jaa, typ? XD men det är lugnt nu :)

    Hanna: Aaw, tycker du? XD Det vet jag inte om jag håller med om :P

    Maria: Hahah, nää inte direkt. Fick en klänning och en blus. Det var i princip det :(

    Hiro: Sure, why not? :) I guess I'll check out you blog too!


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