September 28, 2009

Acrylic Nails and an Awesome Weekend

This weekend was just awesome! Me and Hyo went to Stockholm to meet my brother and some friends. On Friday I went to my first gyaru meet and on saturday we went to a Japanese pop culture club, Klubb Shibuya.
Becuase I'm just too lazy right now I'm going to post pictures from the weekend later in next post.

I did my nails to match my outfits this weekend.
I'm pretty pleased with the result!

They are made of tips and acrylic. It took a while to make them, but they seem to not break so easily because I made them on wednesday and they are still not broken at all!
The only problem from now is how to get them off when I don't want them anymore!


  1. *____* I'm in love with your nails!!!

  2. Beautiful nails! Can't wait to see more pictures from the gyaru meet :D

  3. Hiki: Me too! X3 I'm happy you like them!

    Zarsu: Thank you sweetie! Unfortunatly I didn't take many photos, but I will ask the other girls who were there! :)

  4. I was in sthlm visiting my friends, saw u and hyo >.< ! u guys are so cute irl. I was like /omg kira kira dreams, i mean rebecka! and my friend was "whaaat" so i explained to her that u were a blogger and she said i was a nerd -.-''. Anyway u had an awesome outfit, but I was thinking it was kind of cold to wear really short clothes XD (sunday)

  5. criztinita: Thank you~! X3 I am really pleased with how they turned out!

    Laxhmi: WOW! Really!? omg! What a coincidence!
    Hahah, thank you~! X3 I feel VERY flattered!<3

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