September 17, 2009

Circle Lens- Geo Sweet Grey Review

So, I finally got my first pair of circle lenses. I thought I might make some kind of reveiw.
I bought the lenses from for about 250 swedish krones (about 24 Euro) which is a very good price! I can wear them for about 1 year. Pretty cheap huh? For a pair of color lenses that will last that long!

The shipping was pretty fast, it said it would take 10-15 working days for the package to arrive to Europe, but it arrived after only 6 days!
I ordered together with a friend and because we past the 90S$ we got the shipping for free!

The lenses were packet in these containers.
The were so frickin hard to open! They have some kind of metallic thing which you can cut with a scissors, but be careful! Clumsy as I am, I manage to cut myself on the metallic thing!
When I first put them on, wearing no make-up, I thought I looked like an ailen! But when I did my make-up it was looking very good!

I made two similar shots. One with flash and the other one without flash.
Of course the color stands out better and looks better with flash.
(if you want to see the photos bigger, just click em!)

Close up on my eyes in flash.
They are said to be 15.5 mm, which is one of the bigger sized circle lenses.
While I was waiting for the bus going to Uni I took an outdoors photo with my cellphone.
I think it looks pretty good in daylight too.

So here's my rate:
(in compair with other color lenses I've tried)

Comfort: 4/5
Because the other lenses I've tried was hurting and these didn't. I was just aware that I had them on.

The color isn't very stong unless they're in flash or in day light.

Eventhough they are in darker color than expected
I like how they look like on my eyes. They totally make my eyes look bigger!

Overall, I LOVE THEM!♥


  1. waaaaa I love this circle lenses!! That's exactly the color that I want!! I'm thinking to buy one for me... but I'm afraid... I've never used a circle lenses before :S

    about your comment: this isn't my onw hair.. I'm using hair extensions, actually my hair is short -.-

  2. Hiki: I'm so satisfied with them!!! X3
    You should! They are amazing!
    You don't have to be affraid, but be careful and clean them with lens solution everytime you put them in the container and in your eyes.

    Oh really!? :O It looks sooo natural!

  3. Hello~ you are so kawaii!! love love your eyes so perfect! :3

  4. niiiiiice!! looks good *thumbs up*

  5. Eki: Hello! You are! I really admire you! You are so beautiful and talented! I wish I had your talent! Thank you~! X3

    Lina: Thank you sweetie! X3 Jag är jättenöjd med dem! :3

  6. looks very very cute! i like it alot!

  7. Chaigyaru: Thank you! They're just awesome! I'm so in love with them!<3

  8. Aww your soo cute with them on and without them! Love your blog BTW! Keep it up hon' :3

    Oh and BTW i love your eyebrows... how do you make them look so... soft or yeah you know what i mean ^.^'

    hug ^ - ^)/

  9. Thank you~! I'm happy you like it!<3

    Thank you! First I lighten them up with foundation then I use eyebrow shadow to fill them into the shap I want :)
    Of course I trim them and pick the hairs I don't want first. :)

    Hugs back!^_____^

  10. vart var det nu du köpte dom från? och vad kostade det med frakt?

  11. Förlåt Rebecka, det står ju här precis framför näsan åp mig vart de är ifrån :S

  12. Cissi: Haha, ingen fara Cissi! XD

  13. You can have other patterns as well. Compare and see if it looks good.


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