September 11, 2009

Majolica Majorca - Lash Expander Frame Plus - Review

I Bought a new mascara this summer in Japan. It's called Majolica Majorca- Lash Expander Frame Plus. It's a fiber mascara which means it has small pieces of fiber in it to build and make your own lashes longer and thicker.
Most of the regular mascaras I've tried didn't make my eyelashes longer, they just made the color more intense which created a thicker and fuller look.
I want to show you the difference between a fiber mascara and a regular one.

Here are the two mascaras I'm going to compare. My Telescopic Carbon Black from L'Oreal and my Lash expander from Majolica Majorca.

Telescopic has a small rubber brush with very few spikes.
It's pretty easy to use and it divides the lashes pretty well.
Lash Expander has got a different kind of brush. It's not rubber, I think it might be plastic.
The brush is more like a double sided comb.
One side for longer lashes and the other side for fuller lashes.
I think the brush is pretty good, but you have to practice some to get the hang of it.

The design Majolica Majorca's make-up is absolutly wonderful!
I love nice looking make-up!
This picture shows how Lash Expander makes a difference:
1. No mascara
2. Telescopic
3. Lash expander on one eye and telescopic on the other eye.
4. Lash Expander on both eyes.

I'm not making commercial, but I LOVE this mascara so much!
Some people even thought I was wearing false lashes when I just wore this mascara!
I just love it!

Telescopic Carbon Black from L'Oreal
Pro: Easy to use. Easy to remove because it's not waterproof. Gives you a natural look.

Doesn't make your lashes longer. Doesn't stay on very well. Not a very appealing container.

Majolica Majorca- Lash Expander Frame Plus
Pro: Stays on the whole day. Makes your lashes longer and fuller. When you curl your lashes and put this mascara on the curl stays the whole day. Very beautiful container.

Con: It's almost impossible to remove! It's pretty hard to use, it takes time to make your lashes long, you need to practice.


  1. WOW, I've both ordered this Majolica Majorca mascara and the Fiberwig mascara. I'm soo glad you did this review now I'm more relaxed about it just being a scam XD
    But I'll let you know how it works out for me when both of them arrives :D

  2. I'm happy this is helping you! ^____^ I really like MM's mascara! It is the best one I've ever had!
    Good! ^____^ Because I'm curious to know which one's the best!

  3. Jag har också köpt Majolica Majorca. Tycker inte alls om att den är vattenfast! Man måste verkigen ta bort den med fett, det går inte annars utan att få med alla fransar.

    Sen tycker jag inte heller att den gör så mycket skillnad, lite för naturligt resultat för min smak :D

  4. Ja, den är väldigt svår att få av! :O

    Som sagt är ju en smaksak :) jag älskar den!

  5. OMG i want this one you bought in japan too XD
    im so obsessed with mascara you cant believe it!
    im looking for a brush like this now, thanks a lot!

  6. Thanks for the review and great comparison photos.  I am going to purchase Majolica! 


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