September 16, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince

Last friday me and my friend Hanna went to the movies to watch the latest Harry Potter movie. Finally! I've wanted to see it ever since I knew about it's release!
Of course I had to dress up!

I was pretty satisfied with my make-up and hair!

I wore my Delyle skirt and the matching T-shirt with my Zara vest.
Hanna and our bacon snacks!

Me and Hanna before we saw the movie.
This is how we looked like after the movie. D:

I thought the movie was pretty good, but of course, it's never as good as the book.
But it think it was amusing. I love Luna Lovegood even more now!<3

Thank you for watching!~


  1. I have this t-shirt! i love delyle!

    I think this is the worst harry potter's movie. The only thing i love in this film is Ron! <3

  2. Damn, I love your makeup! And your hair is super cute as well!

    I think they new HP movie sucked lol D;

  3. Såg den med josephine för ett par veckor sen. Tyckte den var lite seg, men fortfarande väldigt bra. Även fast det inte hände mycket genom filmen och så, så var den ju fortfarande spännande ^^
    plus att jag inte läst boken så har inget bättre att jämföra med! ;D

  4. Bella: Ska du säga! X3

    Criztinita: Oh, really?^___^ I love it! Yes, Delyle is awesome!

    Haha, I thought it was pretty good :) I like how Harry was all wierd when he had taken the lucky potion! XD Almost like he was drunken!

    Zarsu: Thank you~! X3 I was pretty pleased with it!

    Hahah, I didn't think it was that bad! XD

    Unni: of what sweetie? :O

    Magnus: Man kan väl säga att den är början på något stort som fortsätter i de kommade filmerna :) (har läst böckerna 8D)
    Jag gillar små detaljer som de underhållande replikerna osv :3


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