September 10, 2009


A while ago Hyo (my boyfriend) modelled for a friend and I got to be his stylist!
It was so much fun! I want to do it again!
I think Hyo looks soo amazing in these pictures! The photographer and Hyo made a great job!
I was really pleased with his hair!

I'm not gonna lie... I think my boyfriend is hot!<3

(The photographers site)


  1. I LOVE HIS HAIR :O How did you do it?!
    I've tried to make that hairdo on myself many times before, but I always fail T_T

  2. jäklar vilka bra bilder:P och va stilig du hade gjort karln må jag säga:)

  3. Zarsu: Thank you! I was really pleased with it! Actually, I don't know, hard to explain. It was my first time doing this hair do. The twists were pretty hard to do. I fought a bit with it until I manage to understand how to make it.

    Tanja: Visst är de!?^^ Fotografen är riktigt duktig och Hyo med. Tack! Jag blev riktigt nöjd!

    Bianca: Thank you~! X3


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