October 9, 2009

First Gyaru Meet in Stockholm

I know some of you have been waiting forever for me to post this. I'm sorry! But here it is!
So, on Friday the 25th Sep I went to first gyaru meet I've ever been to and also the first meet we've planned on the Swedish Gyaru Forum.
The day started off with me doing my make-up for like forever. I should have hurried more with it because later on I didn't have time to do my hair really. So I really had a bad hair day T_T And having a bad hair day while doing gyaru is BAD!

I guess I looked okay that day, but I hate my hair.
I was wearing a very simple outfit, but I liked it. I wore a black and white striped blouse with a tight high skirt and a pair of simple pumps. I was actually inspired by this girl. Her coordinations are always sooo hot!
All the gals except Sofia taking the photo and anther cute girl how met us later.

Jasmine and Sofia are like, Para-pros! So they taught us how to dance!

Next was karaoke! it was so much fun! X3
Jasmine and Sofia look so serious in this pic! Looks like Sofia is thinking "do I really have to do this?" When I know both she and Jasmine were having a blast!
I'm sorry Zoobs! But this pic is hilarious! Looks like you're giving your all! X3

I got to try Sofia's glasses! She thought it would match my outfit.
I really look like a teacher or a secretary with these on!

I had such a great time girls! Let's do it again soon! Kisses~♥


  1. And having a bad hair day when doing gyaru ÄR bad!

    haha! älskar svengelskan :P

  2. Haha, skrev jag helt fel eller? XD

  3. MEN LOL! ÄR!
    Jag tror jag borde lägga mig snart... -____- märkte inte ens att jag hade skrivit ett svenskt ord där! :P

  4. Oh love your clothing! xD Gosh you look really hot on that pic... guess it's kinda' weird comming from a girl but it's true and i had to say it! :D

    Vet inte varför jag skrev det första på engelska btw xD haha!

    Kram ^ - ^)/

  5. woooooow
    You looked amazing! Mature and ellegant <3 awesome!
    I want to go to gyaru meeting in Poland too <3

  6. Nice outfit. You look good. Bad Hair days suckk..

  7. Hahah vadå bad hair day! Ditt hår e gör snyggggt! <3

    Diggar din klädsel allot! :3 Modell!

    Hug* ^ - ^)/

  8. NeNe: Thank you~! X3 I really like this outfit too! And also, It was really cheap :P Blouse: 1kr on Tradera, Skirt: 199kr on Cubus, Shoes: 100kr on Din Sko. Yay for cheap clothing!<3
    Hahaha, noo, I don't think so! I'm very flattered!

    Hahah, ingen fara, var kanske för att du ville att andra skulle kunna läsa din kommentar? :3

    Aralka: Thanks girl!<3 You should! Try to gather your gyaru-interested friends in Poland and do it!^^

    *aly: Thank you~! X3 I know... they really do! T_T

    Anonym: Hahah, tycker du? :P tycker att det blev så platt på huvudet och trasligt som ett troll. Inte snyggt >_<
    Taaack! Jag trivs jättebra i den här stilen!

    *hugs back* <3

  9. haha, damn, thanks for uploading that one. xD
    you are so cuuuute, rebecca! >w<

  10. Hahaha, sorry! It's just so funny! X3
    You are!!!<3

  11. You look beautiful *__* Stripes suite you SO well! I also love your hair and makeup!
    All the the other girls look great as well :D
    Parapara + karaoke sounds like so much fun as well~

  12. Thank you~!X3
    Yes, they really do! :)
    It was! I hope we'll have a meet-up soon again!<3

  13. Oh yeah, happy to see some swedish gyaru! I was looking for when I was in Stokcholm (I wanted to have some swedish friends haha sad...)
    i alla fall, ni ser god ut!


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