October 10, 2009

☆Klubb Shibuya☆

So, the day after the gyaru meet me and Hyo went to Klubb Shibuya. It's a nightclub which focus on Japanese subculture. For example, they play Japanese songs on the dance floor.
Unfortunatly I forgot to take an outfit shot that day. I was really pleased with it.

The only good picture of me that night is this one taken right after it's closing time, which means I've been dancing a lot and such, so my hair doesn't look as good as it did when I'd just done it.
I wore a huuge bow, my Delyle shirt, a fluffy short underskirt-like skirt, my bow clutch and my black ribbon pumps.
A Japanese artist preformed that night called HITT.
It's not really my type of music, but he was really great on stage!
I met some funny Japanese guys and Kohta an old friend which I haven't met since he visited Sweden last time (like almost 1,5 years ago!)
Hanna, me and Gen. Gen looks really happy :P

Hyo, Aziz and a great guy which name I don't remember.

Epic photo of Hyo and Gen! I just LOVE this one! It always make me laugh!
(A bit blurry, sorry!)Me and my friend Akio and some other nice guys in the back.
We were supposed to go to another place after Klubb Shibuya, but we ended up on 7eleven instead because Gen and Hyo was starving. Then it was too late because everything was going to close (another reason why I hate Sweden sometimes) so we had no choice but to go home to sleep. Boring!

I had so much fun in Klubb Shibuya! The people were great and also the music, because they were playing Perfume
I will definitly try to go to next Klubb Shibuya Event! It'll be epic! Halloween Theme!

Bye for now!☆


  1. Nee vad roligt det verkade! Det är i stockholm va? Jag fick en broschyr nyligen... Jag vill så gärna åka dit! >.< Det är bara så långt bort -_-;; (Bor i göteborg)

    Men någon gång måste jag göra det! Verkade som ni hade gör skojj! :D

    Hhaha aww chocolate disco? xD Den e så söt! <3 Älskar den låten :3

    Du är så swöt! Som vanligt! :3

    kram ^ - ^)/

  2. Looks like you had a real fun!
    And wow, hansome asians <3 haha
    Shibuya klubb <333
    I want to go there~

  3. Skojar du eller? Du hade jättefint hår!

  4. OOh vill också dit men jag kommer inte in på sidan : S så vet inte när nästa event blir.

  5. you look so cute with this ribbon in your hair! <3

  6. I've the same delyle T you are wearing ;_D
    I love the huge bow in your hair! I wish we can see the entire outfit...


  7. haha, omg, gen's face. xD
    you looked absolutely adorable!
    i was kinda sad that i had to leave early, but hopefully the halloween party is gonna be awesum!

  8. NeNe: Ja, det är tyvärr i stockholm :( jag bor ju i Örebro så för mig är det ungefär lika långt åt båda hållen :P

    Aralka: It really was! X3 Aaw, don't you have something similar in your country? :(

    Madde: Åh, tack! Men jag tycker det var lite platt i jämförelse till hur det var från början XD

    Rose: Det är den 31:a okt! :D hoppas du kan komma in på sidan nu då!

    Cale: Thank you~! X3 I LOVE big ribbons!

    Aimi: I love that T! It's so cute and chick! I wish too T_T I hate myself for not taking enough photos that day!

    Zoo-bie: Hahah, I know! XDD So funny! Aaw! :( yay! So you're coming!? X3

  9. Sounds like sooo much fun :DD And that giant headbow looks way too cute on you!

  10. Yes, it truly was! X3 Thanks hun~!<3

  11. Hej såg att du var från sverige, vill bara säga att din blogg är sueprsöt och du med.

    En annan sak vart köpte du din rosett? vet du någon sida där man kan köpa stora rosetter till håret som din? Jag ahr försökt leta men alla de jag hittat är små, det är stora jag letar efter. Svara gärna! :) <3

  12. Hej Cutie Christy!

    Tack! Vad glad jag blir! ^___^

    Den rosetten har jag faktiskt gjort själv :)
    H&M har ju ganska stora rosetter nu. Jag köpte faktiskt en ny därifrån nyss!
    Förlåt för att svaret kom 1000år senare! >_<


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