October 18, 2009

Mario Nails

Right now my life is pretty boring so I don't really have anything special to write.
But even though my life is boring I can post funny, weird, amazing things from the net!

Here's what I found!
Mario nails!
Who wouldn't want to have nails like that!?
That's what you call skills!

Source: Tokyo Mango


  1. OMG!! this nails are amazingg!!
    I want it too!!! haha

  2. Lina: Eller huuur!? X3

    Manda: Me toooo! *____*

    Hiki: Hahah, I know! They really are!<3

    Aralka: Haha, I wish they were mine!<3

  3. Men herregud vilka naglar! Så sjukt snyggt.

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