October 4, 2009

Missing Japan

I know I've been very lazy posting my photos from Japan.
I miss Japan and my friends in Japan so much now! I don't know what I'll do if I can't go there next summer.

Me, Hyo, Malin and Tsuyoshi after an all-nighter in Shibuya.
We're posing with Hachiko about 5 in the morning.
Me and Hyo in Harajuku. I'm about to eat Crepes and Hyo seems like he wants to taste!

Gokusen on the TV in our guesthouse.

Michiyo, Misako and Malin enjoying their drinks outside Starbucks.
Ebisu Garden Place!
If you have seen Hana Yori Dango (a Japanese drama) you will understand why Hyo is standing all alon looking sad.
Our wonderful friends Michiyo and Misako eating Tonkatsu.
They're sooo cute!<3 div="">

Me at the beach in Zushi (it's near Yokohama)
Me and Malin. I really enjoyed our day on the beach!
Hide and Tsuyoshi enjoying the beach!
Kimchi Ramen, taste sooo good! We were at a Ramen place in Ebisu.

Me and Malin with our drinks from Starbucks in Shinjuku watching people passing by and listening to bands playing on the streets. I love it so much!


  1. Aww, nice photos!
    Does Malin has a blog?

  2. You are very cute! <3
    I will go to Japan this xmass! yay! :__D

  3. you all look so pretty! japan looks awesome, i really want to go there someday.

  4. Waaah det ser ut som ni har hafft gör skojj! Hoppas jag får uppleva iallafal hälften så kuliga saker! Planerar att åka dit snart :3 Så fort jag fyllt 18 x3 Huhuhu!

    hug ^ - ^)/

  5. Du borde updatera offtare! Älskar din blogg! :3 <3 Gör söt o totally mysig! <3

    Kram ^ - ^)/

  6. you and your friends are so gorgeous! ^-^ so ir your blog
    and haha, hana yori dango scene! i remember that place! ^u^

  7. Anna: Thank you! :3 No, I'm afraid :(

    criztinita: Thank you!^^ I'm hoping that I'll be able to go there next summer again! Or else, I know I will seriously die! T_T

    Cale: Thank you~! X3 Aaw, I'm so JEALOUS! I wanna go back now!

    Kittie Kat: Thank you!!<3 It IS awesome! You really should!^^

    Anonym: Vi hade fööör kul! T_T Jag längtar verkligen tillbaka! Jo, klart du kommer! X3 jag kan inte förstå folk som inte har kul i Japan :P

    Nene: Åååh, tack! Gud vad glad jag blir!<3 Jag ska försöka! De är flera som har sagt till mig att jag borde blogga oftare. Jag ska bara försöka hitta tiden och orken!:P

    Kraaam! X3

    AnnaCleo: Thank you~! X33 Hahah, me too! It's so cute!^^

  8. uwah de där crepesen är addicting *x*

  9. Jaaa, visst är de!?*___* Usch vad det är mycket jag saknar!


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