October 28, 2009

My Gyaru Make-Up Tutorial

I thought I'd make a make-up tutorial on my gyaru make-up. Someone asked me to do an eyebrow tutorial so I thought I might as well do the whole thing!

When I make my gyaru make-up it might not be exactly as in the Japanese gyaru magazines, but that's just because I'm not Japanese and I want to do a make up that matches my face.

(I'm sorry, I might have made a lot of lingual mistakes here and there, but as you all know, English is not my native language.)

I didn't bother to do anything with my hair as I wanted to focus on the make-up.
This is the result.

Here's everything you're gonna need!

Make-up base- lotion
♥Powder and powder brush
Eyebrow brush
Eyelash bender
♥Eyebrow shadow and brush
♥Eyeshadow, white, light pink and brown
♥Eyeshadow brush
♥Liquid eyeliner
♥Black eyeliner
♥Matching eyebrow pen
♥Nude Lipstick
Non-colored lip gloss
♥Lash glue and fake lashes for your lower and upper lash line
(I accidentally left the fake lashes out
in the pic)

Apply make-up base on a washed face.
This is to protect your skin from the make-up.
(I know, my skin is pretty bad and I look like an alien with the lenses without make-up. XD)

Apply concealer on you dark circles, nose wings and your uneven spots.
You may also apply to high light on you nose to make it look thinner.
I use my fingers to smoothen the rough edges.

Apply a foundation that matches you skin as much as possible. Better too bright than too dark. I use my fingers because I think it's easier to get it even. Cover you whole face.
Then apply a powder. Loose or compact doesn't matter, but I use a big brush because I think a puff makes the powder thick and dry on my skin.

Time to pick and trim those eyebrows!
1. Measure the length. You eyebrows should only start where the corner of your eyes starts. If you have too long, pick them! If you have too short you can always fill them in.
2. Measure where they should end.
3. Your arch should be where your eyes arch.
4. Before you start to pick them or trim them you should brush them with an eyebrow brush. This helps you to see better where to trim and pick. If you're a beginner you can start by filling you eyebrows with an eyebrow pen to the shape you want. This helps you even more to see where to pick.
5. If you think the hairs are too long you can trim them with a scissors, but this is pretty hard to do so I don't recommend beginners to do it.
6. Pick your eyebrows with a tweezer!

This is how my eyebrows look like when they're picked.
They are not even, but eyebrows are never perfect and even. Even your face is never even so you should just try to make them as even as you can and then just accept that they won't be perfect.
On to the eyeshadow!
I picked a very bright pink color as base. I apply it on my whole eyelids.
Then I always apply a white shimmery eyeshadow to the corner of my eyes. This will really open and brighten my eyes.
1. Apply a darker pink eyeshadow.
2. Apply a brown shimmery eyeshadow on your crease to enhance your shadows and creating a depth.

1. Apply your liquid eyeliner thinner near the corner of your eye and thicker at the end. End with a wing a bit outside your eye to create the illusion of wider set eyes.
This is a very important part. It's also very difficult, so you might need to use Q tips or something to clear your mistakes.
2. Apply the same brown eyeshadow to the lower part of you eye. You don't need to be careful to exaggerate this.
3. Because I think my brown eyeshadow is to weak I enhance it with my darker brown eyebrow shadow.
4. Draw with a black eyeliner outside your lash line the about the half of your eye. Draw the other part of your eye in your water line. This creates that gyaru-shaped-eyes you want.
5. Draw your upper water line with a black eyeliner to make your eyelash line look thicker.

Putting upper and lower fake lashes!
As you can see the lower lashes are shorter than the upper lashes.
Start with fitting the lashes, you may need to cut them if they're too long for you eyes.

Apply glue on your upper fake lashes, make sure to put extra on the ends as they may easily loosen during the day. Wait a few seconds, about 30 sec, until the glue gets sticky.
Apply the fake lash as close as possible to your own lash. I usually put them a little outside the outer part of the eye to make your eyes look even wider.

Do the same thing with your lower fake lash as you did with your upper fake lash. I prefer the lower lashes shorter because I think my eyes get a better shape than if it would go all the way.

Filling your eyebrows!
As my eyebrows are pretty dark I cover them with foundation. It will make them brighter without having to dye them! The idea with making your eyebrows brighter is to draw attention to your eyes and make them look darker.

After covering your eyebrows draw the shape you want with an eyebrow pen, use a pen with a pretty bright color and don't draw too hard.

Fill them with a bright eyebrow shadow with a short brush and smoothen out the rough edges of the eyebrow pen.
I have just discovered that my peach pink eyeshadow works great as a blush! I love how my cheeks looks a bit shimmery. The color seems to appear more than my regular blush.
When you apply blush it's great too smile while doing it, you'll see better where your cheeks are!

On to the lips!
1. I usually start with covering my lips with foundation. I do this just to my the color of my lipstick pop.
2. Apply a nude lipstick.
3. Apply a shimmery non-color lipgloss. If you have thin lips as me just apply the center of you lips and the edge of your cupid's bow. This will really make your lips look thicker.

I thought a video might give you a better idea of how the make-up really looks like.


  1. Great tutorial! Easy to understand, reminds a lot of how I do my own makeup : D

  2. Jättebra instruktioner, och imponerande inlägg! Du borde ha flera såna tips :)

  3. That's totally awesome! I'll go and fix my eybrows like right now actually xD
    Thnx allot hon' Really apriciate it! <3

    And I have to say it once again! You are soo pretty and cute! Without make up on too!! Not many people look good without make up on :D

    Hug ^ - ^)/

  4. i love your style thank you~ definitely going to follow your blog from now on

  5. wow, so pretty~! i really love the way you put on your makeup. this was very useful, thank you so much! ^-^

  6. Sascha: I'm happy you like it! Good! ^___^ Really? :D You're make-up is awesome!

    Madde: Tack! Vad bra att det blev tydligt och så, var rätt svårt att förklara XD Jag ska försöka göra fler!

    NeNe: Hahah, I'm happy that you like it! I hope you'll get any help from it! :3
    Your welcome sweetie!<3
    Aaaw, really? X3 You think so? Thank you~! It makes me really happy!
    *Hugs back!* ^o^

    Tutti Patuti: Thank you! I'm happy you like it!<3

    Zoo-bie: Thank you sweetie!<3 I'm happy to hear that! You're welcome! X3

  7. You're very pretty!! Those blue circle lens suits you very well ^^
    Nice tutorial by the way ^^
    I really like your style =p.
    One day i tried to do a similar gyaru make-up look, but with more black... like some japanese gyaru. but LOL, no way...it doesn't suit me at all xDD
    You kinda look like leah dizon... xD
    Babaiii ^^

  8. Very nice tutorial!
    What kind of eyeshadow is that?
    Its really pretty :)

  9. Shabwouina: Thank you, I'm very happy you like it!<3
    I think gyarumake-up is to adapt to your own face. Try what looks best on your face! :)
    Really? ^____^ Thank you! Because she's totally gorgeous!
    Baaai! ^___^

    Amber: Thank you! It's from a Japanese make-up brand called Sweets Sweets. :3

  10. hello^^
    i like your make up
    your look really like leah dizon
    absolutely stunning


  11. You've rescued my eyebrows from ugliness! lol
    Awesome makeup ^^

  12. hi!!
    i love your tutorial!
    you are so cute! *_*
    great makeup! love this lenses too!

    kisses <33333333
    Mary /mycandyheaven

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  14. OMG! U can't even tell that you're wearing lower falsies! : D I like that you didn't over-do it. I think many non-Asian girls tend to really blow it all out with the makeup! (esp. the lower lashes). Makes them look crazy.. This suits you perfectly!

  15. oh i love the tips! i wish i knew the brand of each make-up so that i could try it.. i was kinda interested in the blush!

  16.  The blush is actually an eyeshadow, haha XD it's an eyeshadow by Sweets sweets, a cheap japanese make-up brand :)

  17. WoW u're so careful w/ the details I often just follow the absolutely neccessary steps when putting make-ups. I often skipped foundations and powder cuz I have pimple-prone face. Great tutorial thx so much

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