November 20, 2009

2. Steal That Look!

I thought I'd make Steal That Look as my own blog tradition! As I know it's not always easy to get your hands on clothes from Japanese gyaru brands I thought I'd make a post like this every week (if I have the time! >_<).

Here's this week's Steal That Look!
I just fell in love with this style. The outfit is from a gyaru brand called Delyle and I found the spread in November's issue of Jelly.
It's a cute and cool (a bit rockish) party look and it's just my style!♥

This is what I found!
Rhinestone pumps from Bianco - 500kr

Bow clutch by Bianco - 270kr

Black 3/4 Top by SPICY HOLIC found on - 204kr

Tull Skirt by H&M - 199kr

Studed Belt by Lindex - 129kr

Mini Hat by H&M - 99kr

Bracelets by H&M - 79kr

I may not have any money for shopping right now, but I keep on dreaming! At least I might inspire someone!♥


  1. Oh you re-created that look perfectly, great job^^

  2. oh, I have this skirt :D So maybe I can try to weat outfit like this ^,^

  3. You make me wanna buy this outfit. Keep posting, it's VERY inspiring :)

  4. Kul grej :) Jag älskar steal the look!!

  5. さらまり: Thank you! ^____^

    Aralka: I think I will buy it soon!<3

    Zarsu: I'm happy that I may inspire people! ^___^ I will!

    Anonym: Vad bra! Kul att folk gillar det! Tänker som sagt göra en varje vecka! :3

    Lina: Jaaa *___*

    Manda: Eller huuur!?<3


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