November 8, 2009

At a Thai Restaurant with My Love

Yesterday me and Hyo went to a Thai restaurant to celebrate our 4 years being together.
Hyo treated me with Thai barbecue!

Hyo, looking cute as always~
But he didn't want me to post his pic. *sad*

So here's only a pic of me :/

For our appetizer we got spring rolls. They tasted really good!
On to the barbecue!
We got to choose which vegetable, meat, sauce and noodles we wanted and then they grilled it for you! It was awesome!
This was my meal!
After the barbecue we got coffee and dessert. They had creme caramel! My favorite!

When we were about to try catching a bus we missed it we realized we had to wait 25 min for the next bus. So we decided to walk home. All the way home we were talking about everything. I enjoyed it!

My outfit of the night. Nothing really special.

I have a lot of photos I need to post here from the Halloween weekend, but I've been too lazy to that. I promise I will do it soon! ^0^


  1. åh, taimat! Nu blev jag jättehungrig TT___TT söt basker, förresten!

  2. You look so cute. 4years? wow, so long. You must be happy. I've never had a boyfriend. I really want. T.T
    Food looks totally delicious.


  3. You look so cute in that pink dress ^^ It really suits you~!

    And the Thai food looks really delicious, I feel hungry, haha!

  4. Hi! thank you for your comment! i will stalk you right back cause your blog is really cute :D

  5. Alice: Jaaa, Thaimat är så sjuktgott! *___* Tack! Köpte den billigt på H&M :P

    Aralka: Thank you~! Yes, I am :)
    I'm sure you'll find your prince too someday ^___^
    Yes, I really was! *__*

    さらまり: Thank you~! X3 I was sooo delicious! I wish I ate more! XD

    Madde: Tack! ^____^

    Yin: Haha, thank you, yours is too! ^0^ We gyaru girls should stick together! :3


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