November 9, 2009

Dream Fighter - Dance cover!♥

A while ago I posted an MV here with Perfume's Dream Fighter song. I also told you I wanted to learn their dance.

And recently I found these guys video at another girl's blog.
They are tre Japanese guys and they've learned the exact Dream Fighter-dance!

Don't you think they're just awesome!? They seem to have more spare time than I do! XD
I need to start practicing!


  1. Haha aww... Well that's a little weird but kinda' adorable and cute too xD Boys dancing to a really girly song xD Hahha~ <3

    I love Perfume! <3

    Hug ^ - ^)/

  2. I wish I could dance too. I have such a poor sense of balance.. T_T

  3. I like this song! And I've seen this video (with the guys) xDD they are amazing

  4. haha, they're so cute!

  5. pls stop, learn para para instead, fran marcus

  6. Alex: Haha, yeah it's adorable! X3 Perfume<3 *hugs back*

    Yuzuki: Start practising! :3

    Aralka: Me too!^w^ Hahah, I think so too!

    Zoo-bie: Yes, they are! X3

    Marcus: Noo, this dance is too cute! X3 Parapara music mostly suck :P but it's fun though!


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