November 29, 2009

Finland Cruise and Belated Halloween Photos

I know, I've been so lazy. I should have uploaded these almost a month ago!
But here they are! Never too late, right?

So, about a month ago me and my mom went on a cruise to Helsinki. We danced and partied all night on the boat and next day when we reached Helsinki we just walked around the city.

Me beside the port.
This is how I look like on regular basis. Nothing flashy!

My mom who is actually Finnish.
Do we look alike?
I ate so many Liha Pirakka! I love it!
It's a Pirogue with meat filling. It's really tasty!

We went to the Fazer café and met my uncles wife who lives in Helsinki.

They had so many different kinds of chocolates!
Of course I chose my favorite cake, cheesecake, and green tea to go with it.

The Amazing Halloween Party!
The day I came back from the cruise I went to a Halloween party.
I was dressed as a nurse, this is the only picture of the whole outfit. I don't really like the pose.
Hyo was just... dead! I made his make-up. and Yannick was the Hulk!
I love how the beer matches the color of his skin!
Agnes and me.
Agnes was looking really amazing!
Posers as we are!
There were so many people I knew at the club!
I also met some new friends. These are some of the nice guys I met at Klubb Shibuya, Hiroyuki and Marcus. I'm sorry guys, I don't remember your names!
The club was of course Halloween themed so almost everyone were dressed!
Too hot girls!
The girl to the right won the costume contest!
Me and the skeleton man.
I also met these guys! Atsuyuki and Yuichiro.
Yuichiro looks extremly happy! Hahah, I just love this photo!
I met this nice guy too, Kazuaki.
So many Japanese! I began to wonder if I was in Sweden or Japan.
Of course I had a shot with me to go with my outfit.
Me, Hyo and Azid before going home for the night.
I had so much fun, people!

Bye for now!♥


  1. my gosh ur so pretty!

    and i wanna go to fazer cafe toooo *_*

  2. Actually 'Liha Pirakka' is called 'lihapiirakka' ! :D

  3. I really wanna go to Finland as well!

    You look so hot in that nurse outfit, now I sound creppy, ahahaha~
    And OH MY GOSH, Agnes is really scary and cool!! Awesome makeup :O

  4. Oh your mom is also very pretty, you inherited your looks from her? ^^ It seems like you had a great time on Halloween. Everyone's costumes were cute^^

  5. skicka bilderna då!! :D marcus

  6. Awh finland va mysigt:D jag åker förbi de båtarna varje dag och jag vill så gärna åka dit!!

  7. Manda: Aaaw, söto! Du är snyggo! *__* Längtar tills vi ses när du kommer till Sverige igen!

    Anonym: Hahah, yeah, actually, I don't know Finnish very well, but I know how it's pronounced!

    Sascha: I wanna go to their big conventions! *___*

    Hahah, it's not creepy! ^____^ Thank you sweetie!
    Yeah, amazing!O___O Really!

    Cale: Hahah, thank you! XD

    さらまり: She truly is! :) I don't know^^ Yeah, it was! I really enjoyed it!

    Marcus: Jaa, det kan jag göra! :) har du min msn?

    Katja: Åh, jaa gör det!<3

  8. Ur hot I wish I met u there I would have been ur prince


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