November 24, 2009

Hanging Out Air-Shopping!

This Saturday one of my absolute best friend Malin called and asked me if I wanted to hang out with her, and of course I said yes! ^___^
Just because me and Malin are really poor and we're soon getting out salery we went downtown to look for some clothes and plan our next shopping month!
I found so many things I want, it's crazy! We'll see what I'll afford. I want new clothes!

Me and Malin in the dressingroom at Zara.
I wore a really simple outfit and my make-up was simple too, but sometimes I like it simple!
I really like my make-up that day!
Malin looking cute as always!
It strikes me that me and Malin have the total opposite colors! It's kinda funny. XD

Bye for now!♥


  1. You and Malin are both so cute ^^ You are correct, your colors are different and that is so beautiful~!

  2. You both look very cute! And a simple makeup suites you :D

  3. You 2 are so cute. And your friend has got amazing eyes! she looks like a doll

  4. This is quite random, but how tall is Malin? :o

  5. さらまり: Thank you cutie! Haha, I think it's fun!^^

    Sascha: Thank you cutie~!<3

    Aralka: I know! She does! :D wanna know something? She doesn't like her eye color! O__O she's crazy!

    Anonym: I don't know, but about 165cm. Why did you wanna know?


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