November 8, 2009

Steal That Look!

I love this look so much! I've seen it a lot in Popteen and I thought I might steal it!

Faux Fur Vest- 279 kr

Checked dress- H&M 299kr

Cowboy boots- Din Sko 499kr
Fur earmuffs- These was really hard to find at regular stores,
but you may find them on
When I get money, I want to do this look! I just love it!


  1. Great job re-creating that look from Popteen, totally cute~!

  2. a little bit too western for me, but i am sure you can pull it off just fine!

  3. I love the h&m dress!! I think I'm gonna steal this look, haha

  4. さらまり: Thank you! ^___^ Yes it really is! Money is all I need right now :P

    Alice: Haha, if it would have been 3 years ago I would think so too :P but I guess my taste in fashion has changed over time!

    Aimi: Me too! It looks so cute with a fur vest!<3 Please do! That look is adorable! ^0^

  5. Öronmuffar finns svarta och vita på bikbok =)

    köpte ett par svarta ^^


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