December 18, 2009

☆My Wish List☆

I thought I'd make a wish list just for fun as Christmas is just around the corner. I didn't make this wish list because I want people to buy me things. It's just things I'd wish to have at the moment.
I didn't list the things in order, they are completely randomly listed.
I chose 12 items that I came up with right now.

1. Money.
Yes, it's boring, but I really need money for my trip to Japan and South Korea next summer.
(and for shopping of course...)

2.Tull Skirt
As I have an outfit in mind I want this skirt.
3. Anna Sui Headband
I immediately fell in love with it when I first saw it in Eggs Beauty Magazine.
It's absolutly perfect to wear when your at home and you want to pull your hair away from you face.

4. Knit Shirt
I've been wanting a knit like this for a long time now! It's super cute with the pom poms.5. Furry Shorts
These kind of shorts are so cute! I can't find anything like these in Sweden.
6. UGG
I think the whole world now knows that I want a pair of these!
7. Hair Conditioner/Schampoo
I want/need good hair products for my damaged and dry hair. But I don't know which label to choose yet.
8. Set of Make-up Brushes
I love make-up! That's why I need a good set of brushes. I want to practise with some good professional brushes.
9. Eyeshadows
I really want a huge palette with many different colors of eyeshadow!
10. High Ankle Boots
As you already know, I want these badly!
11. Sexy Underwear
I really want new sexy underwear like these!
12. Earmuffs
I need these! It's getting really cold outside! But I'd prefer faux fur.

I guess that's it for now!

♥Merry Christmas!♥


  1. Cute wishlist!
    I have this pink skirt. It's from H&M, isn't it?
    And this sweter with pompons is so cute <3

  2. Omg, the pompon sweater is adorable, really super-mega-cute! ♥
    I've wanted a knitted sweater with a norwegian (or wherever it is from, you know, "lusekofta" style ;3) pattern for a really long time, but those pompons were the icing on the cake.
    Totally desirable. ♥♥

  3. Aralka: Yes, it is! :)
    I like I too! I really want to buy when I get more money!

    Zoo-bie: Hahah, I know! I want it so badly! I love pompoms!

  4. The skirt is so cute!!!
    Did you get it at christmas? ^^

  5. hi! i've just opened a new personal blog on blogger and i've added ur blog in the list of my favorite blogs :) this message is for notificed you of that :) i'll be very happy if u'll would add my blog on ur list :) xoxo Oshi ps. sorry for my english :)

  6. Chiara: Yes, it really is! ^__^ No, unfortunatly no :( But I hope I will soon!

    Oshi: I'm happy to hear that! ^___^ I will check it out!


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