December 14, 2009

Night of Fire in Tokyo 2008

Recently I was looking through my old photos and videos from my first trip to Japan summer 2008 and I found this video!
It's me, my friend Yuuka and her friend dancing the para para dance from Night of Fire.
We were at a darts bar and I was a bit drunk so that's why I dared dancing in front of everyone when it's not even a para para club! XD
I love how my friend's friend really looks like a tough guy and he's dancing para para! It's pretty funny.


  1. You're so adorable~ <3 I want to go to Örebro and see you soon! >_<

  2. aw, when you said you were drunk i thought i was going to get a good laugh, but you were good. :c no fair.

    but srsly, it looked like you guys had an awesome time! makes me feel like going out to party again too.

    and speaking of macho men dancing...
    i'm totally in love.


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