December 12, 2009

Shopping! New Shirt Dress!

I went for a bit of shopping with Malin today!
And as always I forgot my camera. So here's some crappy cellphone pics.
I tried this shirt/dress for the second time and today I decided to finally buy it! so I bought it!<3
Do the korean-pose!
Yeah, dressing room pics are awesome!
It's a bit too long, but it's okay I guess. Now I just need a studded broad waist belt!
I want boots like these to go with my future outfite!
Bye for now!♥


  1. I have these boots!!! I bought it 2 weeks ago and I'm in love with them hahaha

    ah! u know... I think u really looks like a japanese actres!! u have the same smile! look:

  2. malin har ingen boll!! ovant!! men jättesött, såklart :D

  3. Those boots look so warm and would totally go with your outfit. Your friend is very cute :O

  4. Oh very cute outfits, that plaid shirt dress is so stylish. I love those boots so awesome!

  5. Hiki: They look so amazing! I want them so bad!<3

    Hahah, really? XD

    Pinky: Eller hur! Men jag har börjat vänja mig! :) Ja, hon är ju söt i allt T_T

    Yin: Yes, they do, and so stylish! She is! *___* And so are you!

    さらまり: Thank you! I really like it a lot! I knooow!<3


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