January 26, 2010

Haircut Dilemma!

I desperately need a haircut!
I'm so tired of my hair and my hair is tired of me as well! It's all broken with all the cut ends. So I think I might have to cut a little more this time.
And because I'm so tired of my hairstyle I want something new.

I'd love to have cut my hair like hers:
When it's more straight:

Or something like this.

Or like this.

Or should I be a coward and only cut it like this?

My hair photoshop'd shorter (I know, my photoshop skills are mad! 8D).
Does it suit me?

If I cut it short, do you think I'll be able to have my hair like hers with my removable extensions?

By the way, this girl might be my absolute favorite gyaru model! I love her!
Does anybody know her name?

To cut more or to cut a little bit... that is the question!
I'm so afraid I'll regret it and at the same time my hair is so broken and dry and I'm tired of my long hair.

Please help me! Hair is serious business!

Thank you~! ♥


  1. You look adorable in your photo shopped shorter hair.

    I think it would be a good idea especially if your hair is broken it will look healthier and feel nicer.

  2. I feel the cropped hair is more grown up, it looks cute, and extensions are always an option. I never regret chopping off my locks they have grown back so nicely.

    also the model(whom I love as well) is Yui Kanno

  3. Omg, I have been wanting to cut my hair the same length! I dunno if I should either. xD
    haha, what a coincidence.

  4. You'd look great either way :)
    But if your hair is really damaged you should cut it short. It'll grow out in no time - as long as you get it trimmed at least every 3rd month it'll grow a whole lot faster than if you never trim it!

  5. You look great with photoshoped short hair! Cut it!

  6. Yeah, you look cute with short hair! And I agree with Zarsu "it'll grow a whole lot faster than if you never trim it!"

  7. I think you look good with it!But I think that you have doubts,you cold show these photos of what hair you want,from those models,to the hairdresser and they'll tell you if it's good or something?
    But I think you'd look nice with it^-^

  8. I think it suits you, and I think it would be possible to have extensions with it :D

  9. i loved it when you curled your wig, you looked so adorable in it! i think you look great in short hair, you should go for it!

  10. oh, I have the same problem, bored to death with my hair and have cut ends and all that! I want to cut it short with a thick fringe but at the same time I want it to grow and be really really long =/ I loved the hair in pic 4 and 7 :D go for it! :D


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