January 17, 2010

☆ New Year's☆

I celebrated my New Year's Eve at home together with Hyo, my brother and a few friends.
It was a blast!

I was very pleased with my make-up! I got to use my new M.A.C eyelashes I bought in Gothemburg.
I've been wanting them for some time now! and they are just amazing! The best lashes I've tried so far! I didn't even have to bend them.
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I liked my New Year's outfit too! The tunic is from Zara.
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My cute friend Katja was celebrating with us too.
Me, Hyo, my brother Jonas and his friend Yannick just started eating when Katja took this pic.
Yannick and Hyo made the food. Katja did the salad.
It was delicious!

After the main dish, we had cheese and crackers to go with the wine.

After a couple of glasses wine me and Katja had a mini disco!
We're dancing to Perfume - Chocolate Disco. I'm watching the MV and tries to do some moves, but I fail.

This is when the clock turns 12 so we're all saying "Happy New Year" and stuff.

Cheers everyone! o__~


  1. You look so cute ^v^
    Oh I have to try MAC eyelashes too~

  2. I love Perfume's Chocolate Disco! Soo cute and danceable!

  3. Oh it looks like a really fun celebration, with yummy home made food! You outfit is classy and beautiful^^

  4. I love your outfit! This bow in your hair is lovely!

  5. awwrrr! your outfit is perfect! *3*

  6. you look fantastic!

    i want mac eyelashes too but here in my town i don´t find this brand ¬¬

  7. you look so awesome!
    and I loooove your belt :D

  8. those lashes are just gorgeous! :D

  9. Chiara: Thank you~! Yeah, you should! They're amazing!

    LotusBug09: I knooow! So cute!<3

    さらまり: Yes, it was! ^___^ Thanks sweetie!

    Criztinita: Thank you~! X3

    Cale: I'm happy you like it!<3

    Mimisa: Thank you! ^_____^ We don't have it here in my town either, but I bought them in a larger city here in Sweden :)

    Kira: Thank you~! I love it too! I use it so much!

    paradoXal: I knooow! They truly are!<3

  10. Vad har du köpt rosetten? Söt du var, föresten vet du några söta bloggar som du kan tispa för mig. Jag vill kunna läsa ltie bloggar som har med kawaii, japan och sånt med den delen. Din blogg verkar ju söt så kanske du förmodligen vet flera. :)

  11. Jag köpte den faktiskt på H&M :O
    Hehe, tack!^^
    Kolla på min profil så ser du alla bloggar jag följer :D de är ganska många XD


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