January 5, 2010

Urge for Cosplay

I've wanted to stop with it because it's too expensive and it takes a lot of time to make it.
But I still can't help it... I love cosplay

It's been about a year now since I made my last cosplay.
I cosplayed Ashe from Final Fantasy XII. At the convention I was really stressed out so I didn't really get any good photos.

I was really inspired today and I really had the urge to cosplay, so I tried my Ashe cosplay and tried to style my wig more Ashe-like. I didn't have time for that at the convention and my make-up was really bad too.
I hope me and my friend (who made a Fran cosplay) can make a great photoshoot together soon.
I just need to fix my broken leg armor T__T

(I'm an under-cover nerd. 8D )


  1. You made the wig look SOO much better! It looks perfect now *__*
    And you should cosplay more - I cosplay waaay too much, and yes - it IS reaaaaaally expensive D:

  2. Waa! You look amazing! :D <3 So cool! Are you going to uppcon this year to?

  3. wooo
    so cute!!
    i wanted to cosplay of Lightning from FFXIII (i l like her style so much) and Ashe is one of my favourites of FF with yuna too

    you are fantastic!

  4. Waiii... you look just amazing!! The costume looks great, like the original!! ^-^

  5. You have a very drawn-like/final fantasy fce so I think you pull off cosplay really well! And this is coming from someone who hates cosplay! :D

  6. CHAIGYARU: Thanks sweetie! I was really pleased with it! :)

    さらまり: Thank you, cutie!<3 I wasn't really pleased with it, but I guess it looks okay :P

    Zarsu: Thanks hun! I think it looks better now too!
    Yes, I do want to! I really do. But if I did I'd probably not another vacation this summer.

    Alezra: Aaaw, thank you!<3 Actually, I don't know :( it's so expensive and I don't have a cosplay to wear, so It feels like it's not worth it >_<

    Mimisa: Thank you!<3 Me too! *__* She looks so cool! Fran and Balthier are my favorites in FFXII :D

    JustOneDream: Thank you~! X3

    Yin: Wow, thank you! I've never heard that before :) I feel very flattered!

  7. That's one awesome cosplay !
    I know what you mean about wanting to stop, but still loving it to much to let it go completely. D:
    As a high school-student with other expenses and hobbies, it's either that or cosplay.
    Yawp, it sucks.

  8. Awesomeness! So pretty!~ :3 I saw you on the uppcon cosplay vid on youtube~ You look totally awesome, now and then~

    I was on uppcon this year, and I've made a post about it~ Feel free to visit my site if you'd like to see a lil bit from the convent! ;):)


  9. wow you do cosplay really well!!! It always makes me super happy to see good western cosplay! Please keep cosplaying!

  10. Mia: Aaaw, thank you~!<3 it makes me really happy to hear! ^____^ I still love cosplay and I should cosplay soon again, it's too fun to stop with it!


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