February 15, 2010

♥Valentine's Day♥

I spent my Valentine's day with Hyo. We didn't want to do anything big, just something cozy, so we made luxurious sandwiches.
I got jelly hearts from Hyo.
And more candy from Hyo's mother.

I'm so happy! Hyo found gyoza at the local grocery store!
This is one of the food I really miss from Japan!
Didn't look as perfect as they do in Japan, but it taste pretty good.

I got a bit inspired and I thought my nails looked so dull.
So I made a leopard pattern.

I think it didn't turn out too bad. It's my first time doing this kind of pattern.

♥Happy Valentine's Day everyone!♥


  1. aww cute ♥
    I wouldn't dare try that gyoza DD;

    and the nails look cool ♥

  2. jag har alltid undrat hur man gör sådär på naglarna, gör en tutorial! :D

  3. aww, that sounds like an awesome Valentines Day!
    ~beautiful nails~!

  4. It looks like you had a lovely and sweet valentines! Jelly hearts are so yummy^^

    Great work on your nails!

  5. massa fina naglar <3 söte ^^ hoppas din alla hjärtans dag var super bäst! ^^

  6. I miss Gyoza too - so tasty~

    Looks like you had a lovely relaxed Valentines.
    Lovely nails btw.

  7. Unni: Why? ^___^
    Thanks sweetie! :3

    Bella: Det får jag ta och göra! Är faktiskt inte så svårt som det ser ut.

    Rue: Yes, it was! ^__^ Thank you!

    さらまり: It was<3 Hahak, I ate the very fast XD Thank you!

    Lina: Taack söto! Det var den! Hoppas din var det med! ^__^

    Bloomzy: It is! T_T Thank you!<3


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