February 20, 2010

Curly Hair and Iro Iro

I've been wanting to try this hairstyle ever since I cut my hair so I thought that I might as well do it.
I was really pleased with the result even though it was destroyed by the wind and snow outside.
I'm also happy that I could achieve this result without any extensions! I think I love my hair now♥

I think it looks good with my beanie too!

I met my friend Hanna yesterday!
We went to the second hand store. They had a lot of interesting things! I'm going back when I'm not broke.

Also, I just want to say that, I really appreciate the comments you guys write to me. I really feel that you're making an effort for me, it makes me so incredibly happy.
I'm sorry that I'm bad at answering, but I will try my best to answer as you make an effort by making a comment for me.

I'd also like to know what you want to read on Kira Kira Dreams. I want to do my best to make this blog better, not only for myself but also for you guys.
So, usually I make posts about:
Personal thoughts

Do you have any ideas of other subjects you want me to do or do you want me to do more posts about *insert existing post*?
Your opinions are valuable!

♥Bye for now!♥


  1. that new hairstyle is so cute! it fits you well.

    i don't know that have you done any make-up or heir tutorials, but those would be nice! i love to try myself new make-ups hehe ヽ(*゚∀゚*)ノ

    nice blog, i love the layout ❤

  2. I love your hairstyle! It looks so good on you ^-^

    I don't have any idea for your blog, sorry. But I think your blog is pretty cool already, I love it very much (:

    Kiss ♥

  3. det blev ju jättebra! :D kram <3

  4. Cute hair!

    I can't think of any new things ,id love to see more posts about travel thou:)

  5. May I say that with curly hair or/and with this cute beanie you just look like Yui♥ (?)
    I saw her so many times with this hairstyle like yours at the Popteen.
    I really like that on you!

    And I guess that everything's fine what you write.
    Since it's YOUR blog you should write what your heart is up to at this moment.
    And like Bommiie said, you blog is pretty cool like it is atm.♥

    Keep up your great work♫

  6. You did an amazing job with your hair, it's styled just perfectly like you would see in a fashion magazine! Darn that wind for ruining it!

    I like everything you write about here, and like jacqueline said, it's your blog. Write whatever makes you happy^^ if you feel pressure to write certain topics then it become more of a chore to write.

  7. You are so cute with your hair like this <3
    I don't know what I want to read in your blog, I think your posts are good so carry on ^^

  8. You are as beautiful as always ;) Love you <3.

  9. Du är otroligt vacker!

  10. Oh du passar superduper i den frisyren!! :) Verkligen jätte fint! :)

  11. You're hair looks so gorgeous! How did you do it and what hair products do you use? It looks so perfect, just like out of a magazine ~

    I like your blog as it is ~ ♥ It's a bit of everything and I like that (:

  12. wow, it suits you really really really much <3
    was a good idea to cut it i think ^^

    and you Beanie is nice ° Ä °

    oh and your Blog, i watch it since the first post *gggg* i like its the way it is, dont change it <3

  13. Can you do a topic about skincare?
    I am just curious because you have such nice skin! *^_^*

    Thank you!

  14. great hair! I really like it. it looks very pretty

  15. You're hair looks fantastic! ^^

  16. You suit blue so well!
    Your hair looks sooooo cute like that =DD I'm so jealous of your fringe (bangs)~~

  17. uraeus: Thank you! ^___^
    Yes,I'd love to do that! I have actually done a none-video make-up tutorial before, but I think I might do a video make-up tutorial soon. :)

    Bommiie: Aaw, thank you! ^___^ I' happy you like my blog! But I also want to improve!

    Beramoon: Tack sötis!<3

    Alanna: Thank you!^^ Yes, I will do more posts about travel because I'm going to London a few days and this summer I'm going back to Seoul and Tokyo.

    jacqueline: Thank you~! She's actually my favorite gyaru model!<3
    Yes, of course, I will not write about things I don't like to write about. Thanks cutie~ I'm happy you like it!

    さらまり: Thank you! I was soo pleased with it! And yes, I hate when that happens!
    Yes, I guess you're right ^___^

    Chiara: Aaw, thank you!<3

    Lina: Saknar dig med din unko-boll!

    Hyo Chan: Thanks darling, love you too<3 Kisses

    Anonymous: Taaack! ^___^

    Malin: taack sötnos!

  18. Carly: Actually, it's just regular hairspray, haha. I might do a tutorial on this soon. I'm happy you like it!<3

    yuki_magique: Thank you~!^____^ I'm very pleased with my new cut!
    Thank you for following my blog such a long time! I'm happy you like it! :3

    Angel: Actually, I know nothing about skin care, my skin isn't as great as it looks like, the make-up does most of the job and then I make a few touch ups in ps too. I'm sorry >_< But I could do reviews on skin care products. :)

    Rui: Thank you~!^^

    chinsa: Thank youuu!<3

    Tuyetn: Thanks sweetie!<3

    Emmie: Thank you! I really like blue!
    Haha, thanks cutie! I was very pleased with my bangs aswell.<3


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