February 28, 2010

A Glass of Wine and Gin & Tonic

Yesterday me and Hyo went to meet his friend Erik.
I got to try a demo he owns with the game Yakuza 3. WOW! What a great game! You're running around fighting people in a place called Kamurochou. It looks exactly like Kabukichou!!! Look at the pic! It's Don Quixote in Shinjuku! It's so realistic! You can pic up things around and beat the shit out of the bad guys! I really really want this game!♥
I didn't get very far because it's a demo version, but I got a call from a girl called Rina Sakurai and she looked just like this Ageha model Sakurina.

Further in the game you get to sing karaoke together with her! Look:

Anyways! Here's my make-up and hair for the night.
This is how I look like when I do the puppy eye face!
I really like my make-up and hair even thought it's pretty simple.
Later on me, Hyo and Erik when to a pub.
I ordered Gin and Tonic and a glass of wine.
It looks nice, but it didn't taste very good.

Bye for now!


  1. Nice song and you look pretty like always~ ^^

  2. Oh that's so interesting they put Sakurina in the game hehe^^

    Your makeup and hair look lovely! I don't drink alcohol so all drink don't taste good to me haha^^

  3. it is Sakurina! classin'! i want to play it!

  4. that game looks so funny! and the animation is so good! ^0^
    I love your eye make-up and how light and wavy your hair looks <3

  5. cute makeup :)
    haha i might go check out the game...I'm really getting into gaming lately :D

  6. Your hair and make-up look so cute :D

    It is Sakurina, and apparently 6 other Ageha models are featured in the game as hostesses.

  7. waaah fan va coolt att sakurina är med i spelet xD och oväntat! hon har gjort en film också som jag vill se :(

  8. it is sakurina - and it's her voice too ^^


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