February 4, 2010

I.D. bareMinerals Foundation Review

I got my bareMinerals foudation this week that I had ordered from Ebay. I ordered from Ebay because bareMinerals are very expensive here in Sweden. I got it for 19.90$ which is in my opinion a great price!
I've heard that a lot of people recommend bareMinerals so I had to try!
(The brush in this photo is not of the same brand)

I chose Golden Medium to match my skintone.
There are two sizes (what I know) of this foundation. I bought the big one: 9g.
This is how the container looks opened.

Let's try it out!
So here's my face without any make-up only day creme.
(I'm sorry if I gross you out!)

I applied the foundation on half of my face so you'd see the difference better.
I didn't use any concealer.

I might not have great skin, but I can at least pretend that I have?

Pro: The design is very simple, but still appealing. There is a sticker on the back, if you pull it drug facts and other information will appear.
Con: A lot of foundation powder seem to gather on top of the plastic filter.

Color and Texture:
Pro: The color is very nice, it matches my skintone very well and it gives my face a nice glow. The color is matt and not too skimmery, which I like. I don't want my face to sparkle too much.
Con: None

Pro: The foundation is easily applied with a brush and it looks very natural on my skin. I covers very good! No need for any concealer. It has sunscreen in it.
Con: You might need to do some retouches during the day, because it doesn't last as long as I would want it to last.

I like it so far and my overall experience of it is positive. I can't really say yet if it's better for my skin (as it is a mineral foundation), because I've only wore for two days now.
My overall rate is


Bye for now!♥


  1. Wow, really useful! I've been thinking about buying this foundation myself, but I wasn't really sure (it's so expensive and I don't like to take chances, lol). But this really helped me out, thank you~!

  2. I have some Bare Minerals make-up. I like how it feels on your skin haha

  3. o! i love this stuff! ive been using it for YEARS! and as far as the touching up through the day, try getting the mineral veil and applying it under AND over your foundation =] it keeps longer

    hope that helped


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