February 23, 2010

Inspiring Outfits

I'm sorry guys, this week is a very busy week for me. I have an exam on friday, so I really should be studying. So if I'm away a few days now, you now know why. I will be back soon again!^__^

Anyways, here's some pictures of other gyarus I found when I browsed on Tumblr.
These outfits really inspires me! *__*
I would totally wear it!
Don't know the brands of the clothes she's wearing but I think it might be Liz Lisa. I never get bored of the romantic cowgirl look.

I love the combination!
Big jumper and a fluffy short skirt.

The color combination is so cute! *__*

By the way, I really need to get a hat like this to wear at Spring/Summer. It's too cute! I love the romantic style!

The pics are from Choukawaii on Tumblr.

♥Wish me good luck!♥

('cus I'll really need it >_<)


  1. I really like the first and second outfit! *-* Thanks for the page ;D

    And good luck for the exam!

  2. The second outfit is so adorable~ <3
    And I love the hair on the fourth picture. Straight hair with curls at the bottom is really cute. ^^

  3. ~so adorable third outfit~! thigh-highs are the cutest*:p

  4. The first one is the cutest but i like em all<3 cowgirl look is just so something i love.

    Study hard and good luck!

  5. I love them all *__*

    Good luck with your exam! ^-^
    I just registered to do my exams on june but I still have time @.@

  6. I totally would wear the first one,second and fourth. There so cute.I also love the hair on all of them.

  7. Good luck with the exam~ I'm sure you'll so great!!

    I love blog outfit snaps over magazine spreads! They seem so much more attainable XD!

  8. Good look for your exam.
    btw: I love the first outfit **

  9. i love the third outfit soo kawaii!!
    want that polka dot tee.


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