February 2, 2010

Kanako and Romihi Doing Cosplay?

Look what I found!
Romihi and Kanako doing cosplay! Aren't they cute?
(for those who doesn't know, they are models of gyaru magazine EGG)

This is a advertisement for a cosplay event in Tokyo.
I'm surprised to see them like this, they look totally adorable!
What do you guys think?


  1. Oh haha, they are dressed up like vocaloids! They are way cuter than many of the cosplayers I have seen around me

  2. i love their vocaloid cosplays! xD kanako is such a lover from vocaloids!

  3. gal goes otaku :O im shocked!!!

  4. it look so fun! but I think that they never went to that event.

  5. i love rin kagamine and kanako. what would be better XD? lulz i think it's very cute♥


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