February 7, 2010

New Beanie and a Photoshoot

I got myself a new beanie! Yeah, well I bought it a while ago, but I haven't posted it here.
I absolutely love it!
I was really pleased with my hair too. I was going to meet my lovely friend Malin to hang out. She's been sick for a while now so we haven't had the time to meet. I'm happy she's well now.♥

Yesterday me and Hyo met our wonderful friend Lousie. She's a photographer so she wanted to do a photoshoot with me and Hyo.
This is how my make-up and hair looked like. I was sooo pleased with it!
What was weird was that I haven't done this hairdo before and it only took 10-15 minutes! Freaking great!

I had so much fun on the photoshoot! It was great and the photos turned out AMAZING! Lousie is an extremely great photographer! As soon as all the photos are edited by her I'll post them here. Here's her site. Go check it out!

Bye for now!♥


  1. You look very pretty ^-^
    I love your beanie ehh so cute!
    Can't wait to see the photos ~

  2. You hair looks amazing, so cute and sexy! I am really looking forward to seeing the photos^^

  3. Hej, du är jätte jätte söt :D
    håret = kärlek

    var köpte du dina cirkellinser?


  4. Oh, that beanie & the hair is ♥♥♥. It seriously looks like a pic from a magazine or something. xD

    I saw the pics from the photo shoot as well, that hair-do was made of pure awesome.

  5. Your hair looks amazing.
    How did you do it?

  6. Minsu: Thank you~! I love it too^^

    Manda: Thanks sweetie!<3<3<3

    さらまり: Thank you!^^ I was very pleased with it!

    Alice: Thank you~!<3

    M: Taaack!^^ Visst! Här är länken: http://circlelens2u.com/187_Sweet-Grey-(New).html

    Zoo-bie: Aaaw, thanks hun!<3

    Bloomzy: Thank you! :3 I just made a tutorial on it. It's easy!^^


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