February 3, 2010

New Hair and Instant Noodles

Finally a better picture of my new hair!
So what do you think? Yay or nay?
Personally, I love it! I feel very comfortable in it!
It's not too short so that I can't have my hair in a ponytail and it doesn't look weird when I wear my extensions either.

Somehow I look a bit weird without my circle contacts, I guess I shouldn't be wearing my cons as often as I do. I don't want to feel ugly without them.

Do you think instant noodles are too boring?
This is how I make my instant noodles!
Looks pretty yummy, huh?
Here's what I do to make them more tasty and more interesting:

I boil them as usual in a saucepan, then I tear some lettuce into it, then I beat an egg into the boiling water with the noodles and the lettuce. When the egg and the noodles are done I pour it into a bowl and mix the spices that comes with it. If you want you can add spices to your liking, I usually pour some soy sauce (Kikkoman) and put some cayenne-pepper ('cus I like it spicy!). This time I also tried to put some chive on it. It looks tastier that way and it tasted good aswell.
Last but not least I just cut some nori (seaweed) pieces into it.
Voilá! It's done!

I'm not good at making tasty food, but I know how to make my instant noodles!<3


  1. You look very pretty ^-^
    When I cut my hair shorter,I always feel more..hmm..."free" XD
    Oh the noodles look so yummy~!I love noodles with shrimp and chicken flavour,they are so good~!
    I think I'll use your advice to make noodles less boring kekeke ~

    And about the circle lenses,I think you should feel good about how you are,with or without the lenses!^^

  2. Yay! You look so cute with this hair-cut! <3

    I love instant noodles *¬* Yummy!

  3. I think it's most important you love you hair, and it's so great that you can wear the ponytail still^^

    I make my own noodles for breakfast each day and I also use nori strips and spring onion! ^^

  4. Your hair looks really cute ^^ It looks sophisticated~

    Wow I never thought of making boring super noodles like that. I will definitly try it!

  5. Cute hair!Really suits you:)

    The noodles look soo tasty,I like to make my noodles interesting too:)

  6. Cute hair! I know how you feel about circle lens...I also feel alittle werid without them so I don't wear them that often (I don't want to become too dependent on them)
    The noodles look yummy :)

  7. Din nya frisyr är jätte fin och du passar jättebra i den! ^^


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