February 10, 2010

Poupée Valentine

Valentines event is already up on Poupée Girl. But I'm soo disappointed. Why is there only lolita stuff to buy?
I should stop with poupee, it's useless anyways.
I should use my time to study instead! Hahaha... 8D

I'm off to study now! I made some chocolate muffins and they're delicious!
Bye for now!♥


  1. Yeah the Valentines event is always lolita themed. I was shocked today when I looked at the blogparts and I saw I've been playing it for 2.5 years! I felt old... haha

  2. Yeah what the girl above me said!
    I knew that, soI was expecting lolita,
    and the stuff is great so I'm all happy :D

  3. I used to spend hours on poupee girl and just favorite and comment and all this stuff! @_@ crazy. lol. But I eventually got tired of it and have pretty much stopped all together. It's fun and really cute, but I lost interest and kinda just stopped on day. >_<;
    But I remember that the valentines sale was always lolita clothes. :P

  4. jag tröttnade på pupe när dom kom in med nya designen och massa jewels, fattar ingenting. inte lika skoj mer :(

  5. just come accross and find ur blog..
    i'm so jealous that u r half finnish and swedish..
    i LOVE scandinavie esp.sweden and finland!!!
    but u love japan..
    while i'm half asia,,hahaha..

    nice blog anyway...!



  6. I don't like poupee valentine's stuff! T__T

  7. さらまり: Hehe, didn't know that. XD That's a long time! I think I've been playing for 1,5year now... don't remember.

    Manda: Thank good :) Actually, didn't they only had lolita on valentines.

    Angel: I was obsessed with it for a while too. The dolls are really cute and the clothes too ^__^

    Lina: Nää gillar inte heller jewels :P

    Zoo-bie: As long as you think it's fun :3

    Mariska: Hehe, thank you! ^__^ Actually, I'm half Finnish half Egyptian, but I'm born and grown up in Sweden.
    Really?^^ I'm happy to hear that! What county do you come from?

    Cale: Me neither :(

  8. haha I waste my time on poupee too D:
    My friend and I were discussing how it sucks that it's all Lolita. Please stop with it already!! lol


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