February 1, 2010

Serious Busyness

Guess what I did?
I followed your great tips about my hair getting cut.
So now I have pretty short hair and it's roots are brown again! Yay! I'm VERY pleased with it!
I'll post better pictures of it later. I'm also going to try curling it!

I'm quite busy right now, so I don't have the time to post photos from the awesome weekend I had in Stockholm. It was great! I've seen my brothers and my friend's band playing on stage, I went to an epic party and I went to see Avatar 3D!
So I've been doing a lot!
And as usual I'll post all the photos when I've got more time.
I'm sorry to let you guys wait!

Take care!♥


  1. Your hair looks great :) Sometimes it's good to change up the hairstyle...Avatar was so great! I didn't get to watch it in 3D though..

  2. Oh that's great you changed your hair! I am looking forward to all the photos hehe^^

  3. Where did you cut your hair? :)

  4. Hyuna: Thank you! Yes, I think so too! ^___^

    さらまり: Hehe, thank you ^___^

    Anonymous: In my town, Örebro :) Where do you live?


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