February 22, 2010


Yeah... sometimes I just LOOOOVE living in Sweden.
It's -23C here and I'm going to Uni now.

Take care!♥


  1. OMG
    When it's -5 here I think it's inhuman to go to school. But -27... O__O

  2. Seriously?
    I would probably die!
    The coldest time here this year was about -6° or 7°?
    Awww~ take care.

  3. Here in finland that temperature is almost normal in winter... :'D But it is cold!! Few days ago was -25 here, and hhr, it was SO cold! (  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;)

  4. Omggg o.O the coldest here was like -2º I think...

    Stay warmmmm and good luck >w<

  5. Oh dear god, that is too cold! Please take care!

  6. det var 25- när jag skulle gå till jobbet i morse.. GÅ T_T usch

  7. T_T poor you!
    Don't catch a cold!

    It's 17ºC right now here. It rarely goes lower than 1ºC or 2ºC in my country.

  8. OMG!!! -23???????????
    I can't imagine it!!! In my city the minium is 3-5ºC... and for me that's frezing!! haha

    It will be nice if we can meet in Japan!! *___*

  9. Man bara älskar Sverige sånna här dagar <<

  10. omg i think its cold in Tokyo.. cant imagine Sweden!

  11. Haha, @ my friend's place, it was -40. I'm staying inside.

  12. Aimi: Heheh, actually I did! XD

    Chiara: Hahaha, really? XD inhuman?

    jacqueline: Hahah, actually, you'll survive, but it crazy cold!

    taikis: Hahah, I know! You have even colder winters than we have! -25 is so cold! I know because we've had it before, but it's unusual in this part of Sweden. What's weird is that it's hotter in Finland in the summer! Crazy huh?

    Minsu: Haha, yeah, -2 is better than -23 >_<

    さらまり: Haha, yes, it is!

    Lina: Usch och fy bubblan!

    Bommiie: aaw, you're lucky! T_T

    Hiki: Haha, really? Not even below 0? XD
    Yes, it would be really fun! ^____^ I'm really looking forward to it!

    Van: Jaaa, usch!

    Nic Nic: Hahaha, well it's very cold!

    Zoo-bie: OMG! That's inhuman! O__O


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