March 2, 2010


I dissected my old Helena Rubenstein concealer. I thought it would be empty inside, but I discovered that it contained more inside! Yay!
I bought it 2 years ago for about 400kr in Sweden (that's about 40euro), it's pretty expensive for a small concealer, but it's very good and it lasted a long time!

Bye for now


  1. I've never though of cutting open "empty" förpackningar (don't know the English word, haha). I definitely should, though, it might be a good way to save money. x)

  2. Hej:) Jag måste bara fråga dig vart du beställer dina circle linser? Vilken är den bästa sidan och så?:) och hur e priserna och leveransen. Vore jättetacksam om du orkar svara. Kram

  3. I do this to my makeup and lotions all the time. It is amazing how much is always left. Super wasteful when you think how much you pay for something!

    Love your blog!

    PS. You are super pretty!


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