March 15, 2010

The Gym!

I went to the gym yesterday! I'm on it! I feel proud of myself for finally taking care of my body.
I hope I'll feel better and loose some weight until summer.
Don't worry! I won't starve myself, I just want to eat healthier food.
I lost about 300kcal yesterday by running. Is that good? Don't know, it just felt good!

By the way, I should have been to Uni now on a lecture, but the bus I was going to take just passed me by! It wasn't even nearly as full as it usually is. I was so angry so I decided to go home instead and study.

Bye for now!♥


  1. this good !!!! i play wii fit its very great i lost 250 Kcal

  2. Really?!^^ I should try it sometimes! Unfortunatly I don't have a Wii :(

  3. Thats good ^-^
    I should do the same haha~

  4. Good luck on the gym girly!♥ I love/hate running. Love what it does, hate the journey sometimes.


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