March 11, 2010

My Travel to London- part 1

I went to the gym to today. Yes, you heard me! I went to the GYM!
I haven't exercised for so long now and today I kicked myself in the butt and went! I feel pretty proud of myself! It really felt wonderful! But now I'm really tired so this is just a quickie before I head to bed.

Me all by myself going on a trip!
I had to wait many hours in Västerås before I could go to the airport, so I had a lot of time exploring the city. I was very excited and I really wanted to go right away!
Look what I found! Pretty classy, don't you think? I think they look like they would belong in an Ageha magazine. Pretty cute actually.

Later on I went to the train station to wait forever for my shuffle taxi that I was going to take to the airport. I enjoyed a Chai latte there.♥

Around 11pm I finally arrived in Stansted, but I was going to sleep at the airport and then take a buss early in the morning to central London. I only manage to sleep 2 hours... I was really a zombie after that night at the airport.

To be continued...

Bye for now! I'm going to bed, I'm too tired now!


  1. i like your outfit <3
    also, lovely shoes~

  2. Nyaaa~<3 Jealous of your luggage! They only make cute stuff like that for kids around here, and they're too small and short to use ;_;

    Have lots of fun!

  3. cute shoes...the bows make it look soo adorable! and i love the outfitt

  4. You're so pretty! When I travel I look like a hobo haha
    Fabulous shoes by the way!!! Did you buy them?

  5. Oh those shoes are cute and your outfit is great for stylish travel^^ Sorry to hear you didn't get much sleep.

  6. lovley shoes ^^

    I vintras var jag också I London och körde samma sak med att sova på flygplatsen.. Jag gör nog aldrig det mer på Stansford iaf. Det låg folk huller och buller omkring överallt och sen gick brandalarmet mitt i natten så alla fick kuta ut :S usch nej ja hade ingen bra natt där..
    Gick det bättre för dig eller var det likadant? :P

  7. Bommiie: Thank you~! I really like the shoes too!

    Aimiya: Hahah, yeah, people were really commenting on it and told me it was cute. I bought it in Japan this summer :3
    Thank you, it really was!

    Hyuna: Yes, I totally agree *__* I'm such a bow addict! Thank you~!<3

    Chiara: Hahahah, hobo? XD That was funny! I doubt you look like hobo! But thank you!
    They are! *__* No, I didn't! :( Maybe I'll buy them next time I've got money XD

    さらまり: Thank you~! Hehe, actually I was okay, I survived!

    Luuuuund: Yes, they are!
    Hahaha, nää det var inte riktigt en hitt, men jag behövde inte utrymma lokalen O_o Dock blev jag tvungen att ligga på golvet eftersom att det satt några och drack där jag ville sova från början (på en bänk), men de var så sjukt högljudda så jag var tvungen att leta efter någon annanstans att sova. Men, alltså, om jag kan undvika att sova på flygplatsen nästa gång så gör jag det! XD


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