March 13, 2010

My Travel to London- part 2

When I finally got to central London Unni met me up and we went to her house to leave my stuff, change and get ready to go to Camden.

I made a little movie with some of the clips I made that day. It's nothing special really, just me and Unni hanging out, being silly and such.
I was so happy to ride the bus! I usually hate going by bus, but this time I got to go by a red double decker London bus! Hahaha, I'm such a tourist!

Camden was cool! It was really instant love!

We were hungry so we decided to eat some Asian food they were selling at the streets of Camden. Yummy!
I really love this! It looks really cool!
I was amazed everywhere I went in Camden.

Cyberdog store.
Oh my god, being over-the-top much?! Naaaah!
Haha, it was awesome! It's even more extreme inside!

I was so happy! Me and Unni shared a Nutella/cream/strawberry Crepes! It was really too heavy for me to eat! Unni ate most of it!
(I love random people in photos!♥)
We met Ellie, Unni's friend, she's a from the same Gal circle as Unni, Hibiscgyaru.
I was going to meet other members from Hibiscgyaru, but they couldn't come, I was a bit disappointed, but I'm happy I met Ellie, she's such a nice girl!

When we were walking in Camden a girl came up to us and asked if she could take a picture of us because she was doing street snaps for her blog.
Unni was looking really cute and I liked my outfit aswell (eventhough my curls died).

Later on we decided to go on a K-pop club event so we went to Ellie's place to rest (my feet!) and take it easy before going out.
More photos coming up soon! I'll post the photos from the club next time!
Take care!

Bye for now!♥


  1. !! You're so lucky you got to go to Camden :) I miss that place so much, it's fantastic. You both look great!

  2. wow you're so cute!*o*
    London is great **

  3. sorry i wasn't able to come on this weekend!!!!
    it looks like you had a good time^^

  4. Okej det här börjar bli lite läskigt, vi var också i Camden när vi var där :D Jag älskade det verkligen, helt underbara människor och maten :O my my my...

    Ser fram emot att se resten av resan ;)

  5. Fabulous pictures! Loved this!

    And before I got into gal fashion I really loved the cyber look so I owned a ton of cyberdog, still do. It's fun to see their store. <3

  6. Omg!
    I really loved it there. I feel so nostalgic when I see your pictures..(; 3 ;)
    But about the food ... when I saw the piture of your whatsoever-it-is-asian-food-thing it reminds me on how my friends and I walked through the stalls. There where so much asian food shops and the little asian girls and men where shouting at us like: "CHICKEEEEEEN! DO YOU LIKE SUM CHICKEEEEEN?! TASTY CHICKEEEHEEEN! CHICKEN CHICKEN CHICKEN!" and wanted to give us some things to try.
    We ALL are vegan or at least vegetarian so it was so horrible! And we walked trough this about 5 times cause we lost orientation. /D

    Sorry for this random memory♥

  7. Ahah it looked really cool and fun!<3
    Glad you enjoyed it^-^!
    and the food seems so yummy<3

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  9. Awaw, supercute photos, i love the big bow and the outfits :D


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