March 14, 2010

My Travel to London- part 3

After being in Camden we went home to Ellie's to get ourself ready for the night. We were going to a Korean pop nightclub. So here's a picture spam from that night!

Me and my girls!
This one is Ellie's photo. (Hope it okay that I took it!)
The DJ! He even posed for me!

I met a Japanese girl, Midori, she was really nice! She's at the bottom beside me and the other girls are her friends. I think this photo is taken by the DJ at the club. I found it on Facebook.

Ellie and Unni.
Unni is drinking Sex on the Beach that I gave her as a birthday present as we were celebrating her 18th birthday.
She reeeeally liked it! Hahaha, I like this pic!
We found Mickey! She was so cute!

This is when we met this guy for the first time, his name was Lukaz. Nice guy!
After dancing with him I forced him to wear my head bow, poor guy!
Unni and the guy she met, they danced a lot. He was an amazing breakdancer!
Me and Lukaz!

The night at the club was really fun! I enjoyed it!
When me and Unni were going home I was sooooo tired! We got home at 6 am!!! And remember, I had only slept about 2 hours the night before!
Me and Unni were only wearing thin tights and it was freakin' freezing cold! I could hardly walk in my pumps, but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!

To be continued!

Bye for now!



    the girls in this picture are biiiiitches lol
    the one in the middle with the pink and black thing on is really two faced, and the girl right at the bottom with her hair tied up and pink earrings is the same

  2. It looks like a really fun night! I have never been dancing at a club, but your photos make me want to try hehe.

    You lace top with power shoulders is really cute and stylish, you look great! and Lukaz is working that ribbon haha XD

  3. Waaa it looked really fun!
    So lucky that exists k-pop events, here they don't exist at all T_T

    The club looked really cool; and that guy totally adorable with the head bow XD

    Thanks for sharing your trip!^-^

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