March 16, 2010

My Travel to London- part 4

The day after the night at the club we took it easy. Unni was a bit hung over and I was very tired still. We went to Hounslow(I think it was), which was pretty near were Unni lives, to go to the mall there and look at pretty clothes and such.
After Hounslow we went to Richmond, we were going to Unnis friend Masato there.

Because I'm such a fan of Starbucks we went there to have something to drink.
I chose Caramel Macchiato(the right pic) and Unni had some chocolaty thing, yes, the one with lots of cream and caramel sauce. They were actually too much for us to drink. Too heavy!!


Finally Masato arrived! It was nice meeting him, he was really a nice guy!

The next day Unni had to go to school so I had to follow her.
On our way back I discovered how beautiful Richmond really is!
God!! So amazingly beautiful! The photos don't really do it's justice.
Click on the photos to enlarge the photos!
The River Thames

Love the scenery!
Cute dove!

They had lots of pretty buildings in Richmond

Here's a video of me walking around in Richmond. Beautiful isn't it?^___^
Sorry, me and Unni is talking some Swedish in this video, but don't worry, it's really nothing interesting.

No photos of me this time. It's hard to get a picture of yourself when you're the one taking the pictures!
Later on the same day we went to China Town and Picadilly Circus. I'm going to post those pics next time.

Take care! I'm going to read my exciting book now.

Bye for now!♥

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  1. London is the beautiful country of the world. The Thames river and valley is really so appealing and serene. The beauty of London is unbelievable. The Big Ben clock is the wonder of the world.


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