March 13, 2010

Natural Make-Up and Scrubs

I really love gyaru style a lot, but I like other styles too. I made a simple natural make-up today, non-gyaru, but I really like it!

By the way, I just want to show you (if you haven't seen it yet), the best clip from the TV show Scrubs. It's from the musical episode.
Usually I don't like Scrubs that much, but this song is just too cute! J.D and Turk who are best friends sing about their love to each other.

Bye for now!


  1. I don't like Scrubs but always end up seeing it.The song is really funny.

  2. The natural style makeup really suits your face^^

  3. You natural style is really cute. I really want to try it. Could you make a tutorial? ^^
    I like your blog by the way.

  4. Princess Mickey: Hehe, it is :3

    さらまり: Thank you! ^___^

    ♥~ (^_^): Thank you~! Yes, of course! This look is super easy to achieve! I'll put it to my "coming up soon"-list!

  5. I love that episode of Scrubs!!!!! :DDD

    It was shown in tv for not long time ago!

    and I like the make-up, but imo you have to do a little extra about your hair :)
    Just so people won't think "man she just woke up!"

  6. even with minimal makeup, you look very pretty girl! :) xx

  7. I like the natural look on you. It's very mori and simple. Some of my favorite make-up looks are when people don't appear to be wearing much of it at all. Lovely look!


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