March 19, 2010

So inspired!

I just so you guys know, I might not be able to blog for a while, I need to send my laptop on reparation, my wire is kind of broken now.

Anyways, yesterday when I was looking at online clothing at I saw this lovely dress!
It was love at first sight! I WANT IT SO BAD! But...
my size is sold out. This dress is perfect... I hope I can find a similar dress.

There have been a lot of writing about the new trend: Scarfs!
And I'm totally hooked on it! I LOVE it!
So now I really really need to get some scarfs.

The girl in the middle is Ena Matsumoto. I saw this photo on Mitsu's blog.
I'm sooo inspired by Ena's outfit! I love it!
She makes me wanna get high-waist shorts! I never thought that would happen!

Another thing I've really grown to like is the can can hat trend.
I love it so much!
I saw a perfect can can hat in London, but I couldn't really afford it at the moment.
I love this girl's outfit too. It's too cute!
I found it in tumbler.

I'm soooo inspired and I really want to go shopping now!

Bye for now!♥


  1. the head scarves and hat are def in in tokyo! nice picks!

  2. I can imagine that! I wish I could be there right now to watch the fashion people are wearing and be inspired. I love Japanese fashion so much!
    But I'm actually going to Tokyo in July, so I'm really happy about that. ^__^

  3. Haha, I totally love the same stuff. I can't wait for the time I'll get loads of scarf to do nice coordinates and styles 8D And those hats are sooo adorable, though I love the western-looking starwhats better :)

  4. Me too!♥ I think we might have almost the same taste in fashion! I love both styles! They're so lovely! I love the romantic-western-look!


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