March 20, 2010

Tanabata and Tokyo Tower

Some of you may know that I went to Japan last summer.
This summer I'm going back again and now it's only 99days left!
It may sound much, but it's not! It's only about 3 months.

I haven't actually posted everything from my travel so I thought I might post some.
These photos are from the day we went to Tokyo Tower on Tanabata festival.
I look like a giant next to my friend Misako and Michiyo. They are so cute!
Malin look really good in her yukata.

We went to a shrine to make wishes because it was Tanabata that day.

I'm attaching my wish to the tree.

After being at the shrine we went to Tokyo Tower. We met Noppon there, he's one of the Tokyo Tower mascots.

The view from Tokyo Tower.
Sooo breath taking!
Did I ever mention that I love Tokyo?

We ate at a restaurant inside Tokyo Tower. Katsudon and soba. It taste sooo good!
Tokyo at night from Tokyo Tower.
So beautiful!

I made a small video, my attempt to make subtitles failed a bit. But we're actually not saying anything interesting.

Bye for now!♥


  1. How cute! You all look great! I love wearing yukata, but only just for a day. They're a bit of a pain to put on ^_^;;

  2. I love all the yukatas!!
    I can't wear one because I'm too tall T_T the one I bought in Japan comes down to my heels and I can't fold it either...sigh

    I really miss Japan!! I just want to marry a Japanese guy and live there hahaha xD

  3. Oh, your photos are very nice! Thank you for sharing them. It makes me want to go back to Japan in summer, but I know how freaking hot it is!

    Everyone looks so cute in the yutaka! The pink color suits you. My yutaka is black and purple, so not as cute haha.

  4. Så fina ni är i yukata^^
    Önskar jag också kunde åka till Japan i sommar T^T

  5. Jag kommer också åka till japan i sommar :) Kommer spendera mesta av tiden i Kyoto men även åka till Tokyo en helg.
    När åker ni och vilka ställen ska ni besöka? Vore awesome om vi kunde mötas upp nånstans ^^

  6. Mitsu: Thanks sweetie!♥ I love them too, but yeah, it's so difficult to get it right!

    Grace: Thank you~♥
    Really? How tall are you? I'm pretty tall myself. I'm 170cm (I think it's about 5.7)and my Japanese friends said that it's okay to skip the folding.
    Hahah, yeah, Japan is great!

    さらまり: Thank you! I'm happy you like them!♥ Yeah it really is, but I think it's worth going in the summertime, because my summer break is longer then my christmas break and I really want to be there at least 3 weeks. So, heat won't kill me ^___^

    Thank you~! Michiyo and Misako chose it for me! wow, but black and purple is a great color combination! I love purple and black together!♥

    Sabina: Åååh, tack tack!^___^ Aaw, men du åker nog snart du med :)

    Rii: Thank you~!♥

    Frida: Jaaa, vore askul! :) Let's keep in touch så vi kan gå och shoppa och sånt ihop!

  7. niak Eiffel tower is more beautiful :p

  8. I think both are beautiful ^___^ I've been to Paris when I was little!<3

  9. You look so pretty in your yukata! <3 <3 Luuuvs~ Hope i'll visit JP soon to :) <3 Thx for sharing!



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