April 22, 2010

Lolita Market and Tokyo Pics

So this weekend it's Lolita Market in Stockholm.
I'm selling my clothes because I'm leaving Lolita.
My friend will be selling them for me, so I'll not attend. I'm nervous that they won't sell, but I hope for the best! ^__^
Even though I don't feel like wearing Lolita anymore, it's a bit painful to sell my clothes off. They are still very beautiful, but I need the money for my travel to Korea and Japan this summer. It's worth it!

I found a few photos on a CD that I got from my friend Michiyo! They are from our travel to Japan last summer.

This is from the day we met Michiyo and Misako in Harajuku. We went to a Tonkatsu restaurant. The food was too delicous!

Me and Hyo in front of some vending machines.
I think I spent too much money on them!

Me and Malin inside one of my favorite gyaru stores: Liz Lisa.
I love their clothes so much!♥
Bye for now!



  1. isn't liz lisa in shibuya 109?

  2. Most Gothic lolita leave this style to gyaru ^_^

  3. Wow! I'd love to go to the Liz Lisa store~ *o*

  4. I love the photos of you in Tokyo. You look very lovely and suit perfectly the Liz Lisa store.

    I am so jealous you have such a cute bf hehe^^

  5. blog walking~~
    I love this entry~~♥ xD
    so envy,you went to liz lisa shop~~~

  6. You're so pretty hun~ :)) You two (you and your bf) look so cute together!~ Love your heart shaped purse btw! :)

    Huggles* from Awee*

  7. Quiero ir a Tokio T___T
    kawaii pics


  8. Ken: it's actually Liz Lisa in Harajuku :3

    Ribbonlicious: Haha, yeah, maybe :)

    Hachi: You should! I want everything in that store!<3

    さらまり: Hehe, thanks sweetie!^___^
    Aaaw, he IS very cute! I feel very lucky!

    Nana: Hehe, yeah, you should go to japan one day ^__^ there so much to see/do.

    Aweeland: aaw, thanks cutie!<3 Hehe, yeah it is, but I sold it :P I really needed the money.

    Srta Keiko: You should, and I'm sure you will one day ^__^
    Thank you~


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