May 20, 2010

Questions Answered!

How tall are you, how much do you weight?- asked by anonymous
I'm 1,70 cm tall and weigh at the moment 62kg, but I'm trying to loose some of it, because last summer I weigh 59kg and I wanna go back to that.

What is your everyday hair and makeup routine and what products do you use? -asked by Carly
Usually on the weekdays I'm too lazy to do my hair and make-up properly, but when I'm not lazy I do very casual make-up and hair.

My everyday make-up and hair.

These are the products I use:

I.D Bare Minerals- Golden Medium
Sweets Sweets - Eye shadows
H&M - Dip liner
Viva la Diva - Eyebrow color
Majolica Majorca- Lash Expander Frame Plus

Not much really, but usually I don't have much time in the morning.
when I do something special I spend a lot of time on my hair and make up and when I do that I usually put it up here on my blog :)


I would like to know about how much your Japan trip cost! Oh and if you have some tips on where I should visit and so on~ Is it really the most ''awesome country''? -Asked by Aweeland
I think it was around 28000 kr (about 3500 usd) including all! I think I had about 15000kr to shop with, to buy food, entertainment and transport.

In my opinion it's really the most awesome country to visit if you want to have fun ^__^ I don't really have any special tips, but for me the best thing is to shop and meet people there to hang out with, go to Izakaya together(it's a Japanese bar-like place) and such. Karaoke is nice too!
I recommend you going to the beach! They have parties there at night and such, it's really nice. If you like food you'll LOVE the Japanese food, it's great!

How did your interest for Japan start? Was it the sailor moon syndrome? -Asked by Aweeland

Haha, actually, I can't really remember, but yeah, I was watching Sailor Moon when I was younger! I think it started when I start drawing manga and such and when I borrowed the first mangas from the library and read the book "Memory of a Geisha"I think my interest for Japan exploded!I went to the US that summer and I was really excited to see that they had so many mangas translated into English in their bookstores.


What is your skincare/beauty routine?- Asked by Angel
-Every night before I go to sleep I remove my make-up with
Garnier's Cleansing Milk.
-After this I wash my face with Mary Kay's Timewise Cleanser, It's for mature skin, but I use it because I have very dry skin.
-After the cleansing I put some thick thick lotion on my critical areas were it's VERY dry, which for me is usually around my nose. The lotion on the picture is a hand lotion you use at work, hahah XD at least it's thick and it repairs!
-After the thick lotion I put Mary Kay's Timewise Moisturizer on the other areas of my face.
-If my lips are dry I wet them and scru them with a wet towel and put a good lip balm on.
In the morning i do almost the same thing, just leave out the washing-my-face part, hahah.

My skincare products.

What is your favorite animal?-Asked by Angel
Cats are and have always been my absolute favorite animals, but I'm growing very found of dogs lately ^___^

Have you ever felt scared about traveling? Like have you ever had any experiences in Japan where you didn't feel safe? I hear Japan is pretty safe, but how is it for a foreigner?- asked by Angel
Well, I've mostly only been afraid that things might go wrong before my travel so that I can't travel, haha, but my last travel was to London and I can admit, I was very worried. But this was mainly because I was going all by myself for the first time.

Hmm, well, not really that much in Japan. I feel very safe there! I feel much safer in Tokyo than I feel in my city or in Stockholm (the capital of Sweden). But of course, I am a girl so I should always be cautious even if I'm in Japan.
About foreigners in Japan, I've heard that if you're a foreign girl you should try not to show cleavage and such. Foreigners seem to have a slutty reputation and you wouldn't want to send the wrong signals, if you know what I mean?
I'm leaving to Japan to study for 1 year in Tokyo so my question: is any shops, restaurants n places u recommend to visit? - Asked by Carol

Well, it depends on what kind of fashion you like ^__^ If you want gyaru fashion clothes the mall Shibuya 109 is the way to go. You might like shopping in Harajuku, they have a great range of different cute and cool styles! Shinjuku is really nice too!
In Shinjuku you'll find another gyaru mall called
Studio Alta , they also have lots of nice shops in Shinjuku station. Marui One is also a mall in Shinjuku, but they have clothes like lolita clothing, himegyaru style clothing (the Jesus Diamante store) and many other cute Harajuku style stores. I'm not really sure, but I think read that La Parfait (a himegyaru brand) opened in MaruiOne in Shinjuku, I'm gonna check it out this summer!

I'm not sure about restaurants that much, but one place I really liked was a Shabu-shabu place called Mo-mo Paradise. It's located in Kabukichou in Shinjuku. It's an all-you-can-eat restaurant. You can eat shabu-shabu or sukiyaki for
1,980 yen per 90 minutes. I think it's totally worth it!

I also recommend you going to theme restaurantes/café/bars! There's an Alice café, princess café, vampire café and a prison bar. I've only been to the princess café and the prison bar. The princess café is called Princess Heart and it's located in Ginza. There's two different prison bars/restaurants, The Lock Up and Alcatraz E.R, both are located in Shibuya I've only been to The Lock Up and it was great! It's really worth it! check this site out, they have many different kinds of restaurants and such ^__^

My cake at the Princess Heart café.


Since you want to be a teacher, what subjects do you want to teach? Do you think it's hard to study to be a teacher?- Asked by anonymous.

I'll be teaching many subjects because I'm becoming a junior-level teacher. So basically Mathematics, Swedish, English, History and so on. ^__^
Well, it's not that hard, but you do need to study a lot! There's a lot of reading and writing essays!


Can you show us your acrylic system or collection and tell where you got it? -Asked by anonymous
My mom bought me this acrylic set in the US last summer, I'm sorry, I don't know where she bought it, but I can really recommend it! It's pretty easy to use.

I bought this acrylic set in Tokyo last summer at a big cosmetic/drugs store in Harajuku I don't remember the name of it, but the had a few things for acrylic nails there.

Here's some of my decoration and bling bling! Almost everything is bought in Japan, but sometimes I find stuff at the hobby store. There's also this great page called It's Japanese, but it's possible to order in English and ship to other countries than Japan.


What camera do you use? What music do you like?
Asked by Emi

I use a regular digital camera called Fujifilm FinPix z100fd, it's really not that good actually. I've had is since I bought it in Japan summer 2008 so it's getting a bit old now. I need to get a new one, haha.

Wow, I like so much! but mostly I listen to Japanese music, but also Korean and regular global music. Some music groups I like are Perfume (Japanese) , Nell (Korean), Ikimono Gakari (Japanese), Greeen, Shiina Ringo (Japanese), Beyonce and much more!

Perfume, my current obsession ^__^ (Source)

Were you considered tall in Japan, I'm 170cm too so I'm curious?
Asked by Ai

Actually, yes, but I don't feel like I'm too tall because I saw some Japanese girls that were as tall as me. And also, they tend to say that you're tall, but it's in a positive way ^__^ But there's of course a negative side of being tall in Japan. It's hard to find clothes that fit! T_T at least if you're going to buy pants or long sleeved tops.


Do you live In Sweden or JAPAN? I'm a little confused...and where do you buy Circle Lenses?
Asked by anonymous

Heheh, I live in Sweden ^__^ I've only been to Japan on vacation two times (this will be my third time).

I buy them on the net! If I find cheaper in South Korea when I go there this summer I'll buy some there. But they are very cheap on the net!
Here's a few good sites:

I've ordered from and sponsored me a pair of lenses, but I haven't tried the other sites. seem very good though!


I like your eyebrows so much and I wonder how you do them or if you let someone do them. any good advice? - asked by Carol (translated into English)
Thank you! ^__^ actually I do them myself. I've never let anyone do my eyebrows heheh
I can admit, I've done them since I was 14 years old, so I guess practice does it.

If you're unsure about how you want your eyebrows you could always cover them with concealer and fill them with a brown pen to try out the style you want, this way you wont do as many mistakes. I think what many people do wrong is to pick them to short towards their nose bridge. They should end where your eyes end.
If you make any mistakes it's not the end of the world hahah, you can always fill them in with a brow pen and/or eyebrow shadow. That's what I do :)
Remember that you should not pick too much, I think it looks a bit awkward when they're too thin.

When I did a make-up tutorial I also showed how I do my eyebrows, check out my tutorial here.
It's a bit old now and I think I've changed my style on eyebrows a bit since, but maybe it's helpful anyways :)
I'm thinking about doing a new tutorial in motion when I've go the time.

I was just wondering if you are trilingual? Can you speak Swedish, English and Japanese fluently? - Asked by anonymous
Haha, actually, no I can't speak Japanese that well I can only speak basic Japanese Swedish is my native language and English is my second language that I've been studying a lot in school. I can speak better Italian than Japanese, but it's not really fluent. I'm very interested in languages that's why :)
what's strange about me is that my mother is Finish and my father is Egyptian and I can't speak any Arabic or almost any Finish. I wish they had taught me when I was little :(

Hope you're pleased with my answers! It was really fun answering them! ^__^ If you have anymore questions I'm happy to answer them!

Bye for now!


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  2. nice knowing more about u~!

  3. Hey wow thx for answering my both questions :D im gonna check things out, besides thx for telling me more bout Shinjuku cuz thats were im gonna go be at :D I sooo gonna check all the places u mentioned bout :D really happy thx soo much :)
    Your eyebrowns r beautiful, i want mine like yours ^^ lol
    Also cant wait for your tutorial :) cant wait to see that :)
    a million hugs <3

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  6. you are so pretty and look nice with any kind of hairstyle!

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