May 29, 2010

♥Yesterday's Outfit♥

I've been very busy lately, but I'm beginning to see the light of this! On Thursday my essay should be done and I have my last lesson at Uni. Yay!^^ After that I think I'll have more time before my trip to South Korea and Japan, so I plan on doing tutorials and such. I'm looking forward to that!^__^

So here's yesterday's outfit!
I went to my friends' party, it wasn't huge, but it was fun! ^__^
As soon as it gets hotter outside I'll wear my shorts again!

My makeup and hair.
Simple, but I like this look!

I'm going to bed now, I have to work tomorrow again X_X

Bye for now!


  1. so cute!
    your bf is korean?

  2. Good luck with Uni!!^^
    I always love your make-up, it's so pretty I wish I could use make-up properly, mine is so simple XD

    ^^~I'm looking forward for your tutorials!

  3. I see that scarf and the "bunny ears" are super popular in Japan right now! :P
    I am looking for ways to tie scarfs/bandanas.

  4. I just loooove your hair, make-up, style and positive energy you have in those pictures! ww! I want that kind of usamimi also <3 You are so sweetie <3

  5. all the best for sch and i ♥ your make up... =) and your hair.... nice ~~~

  6. I really think that you have a perfect hair style !
    All the best !

  7. d'awwww. That's such a cute outfit! ^^ It was put together very nicely!

  8. I love the combination of the scarf and ethnic top. Both look really summery and cute on you!

  9. love your outfit and your make up!! ^^

  10. Ken: Heheh, thank you!^^ Yupp yupp, he is!

    minsu: Thank you~!^^ I'm happy you like it! I'm always trying to improve myself. I hope I can inspire others with it :)

    Angel: haha, yeah, it seems to be. I love it!

    Sanna: Aaaw, thanks you~! It makes me really happy!<3<3<3

    jellytelly_ri-chan: Thank youuuuu!<3

    Yoshi: Thank you!^^ I feel very comfortable with it!

    Vivien: Thank you!^^ It's really simple, but the details does it!

    Mitsu: Thanks sweetie!<3

    Mimisa: Thank you~!^_____^


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